Tonight! Join us for a Get Together in North Portland

Posted by on February 22nd, 2011 at 12:42 pm

SW Portland Get Together-21

Let’s talk about bikes!

Just a quick reminder that if you live, ride, or work in and around the Overlook neighborhood in North Portland, we’d love to see you at the Get Together tonight.

Starting at 5:30, we’ll gather with readers at the Lucky Lab Taproom on the corner of N. Killingsworth and Concord. We’ll have the whole back room to ourselves, so come and grab some food and drink and spend a bit of time with your fellow BikePortlanders.

The goal of this informal event is to get to know the people behind the projects and other cool bike stuff going on in your neighborhood. Each one of us has the power to make our city a better place to ride, but unless you know who’s doing what and how to get involved, it’s hard to make a difference. Riding is also much more fun when you know other people out on the bikeways, and these events are the perfect place to meet a new friend or two.

There’s a lot to talk about in this part of North Portland. PBOT just got over $2 million for their Going to the RIver project, the new N. Concord Neighborhood Greenway has become a key bike route, improvements are planned for N. Willamette Boulevard… And what else? What’s on your mind?

As an added bonus tonight, we’ll give attendees a sneak peek at a cool project we’ve been working on with Fat Pencil Studio and we’ll raffle off some great products from our Get Together sponsor, SKS.

Hope to see you there!

Get Together – North Portland
Tonight at the Lucky Lab Taproom (1700 N. Killingsworth)
5:30 to 7:30 (or later if you’d like!)

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Ted Buehler
Ted Buehler

“Each one of us has the power to make our city a better place to ride, but unless you know who’s doing what and how to get involved, it’s hard to make a difference.”

Well said.

Thanks for hosting these, I hope to be there tonight.

Ted Buehler

matt picio

32 people here so far, and Greg Raisman from PBOT with a boatload of maps. If you’re in NoPo, and you’re not here – what are you waiting for? Cool SKS stuff being raffled off, come join us!

At the moment, people are going over particular problem areas in commuting, Safe Routes to Schools, bike parking, etc. Come drink, listen, and contribute!

esther c
esther c

Greetings, its my hood but I’m out of town. I’m with you in spirit.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

Thanks for coming Matt and Ted. I had a great time and even learned a few things myself (who knew that N’hood Greenways aren’t bike boulevards!?).

John Landolfe

Sadly, I had a rather important midterm last night but I hope everyone had fun and thanks for the bike fanny pack at the last one. Killingsworth being my hood, I’d like to just throw in my two cents:

1.) It’s a great neighborhood but the connections to inner southeast can be sketchy and I’m still not sure how I ever learned to navigate it.

2.) Rosa Parks & Ainsworth is, no pun intended, a dead zone across I-5. All it takes is one person behind me spending more time texting than watching the road before I win an extended stay at the ICU. If a highway is going to slash a neighborhood in half, funds need to ensure people on foot and bike can get across it alive. It’s sad, because it’s a beautiful neighborhood just after the highway so you have to wonder what the highway ate up.

3.) Living on the sharrow side of Williams makes me a partisan for this kind of design over bike lanes in the path of busses and car doors.

Ted Buehler
Ted Buehler

Great gathering, Jonathan! Somehow I’d never been to one before.

It was very educational and empowering to have so many people each bringing their own advocacy issues to the table, and giving updates on so many projects around town.

The range was impressive–from Lenny telling us about the NP Greenway, something vast, wonderful, and probably many years out, to Greg Raisman telling us which Neighborhood Greenways went in last summer, which ones will go on next summer, and in how a in matter of 3 years all of North Portland will be completely traversable by kids on bikes and moms pushing strollers. Great work PBOT and City Council — thank you!

And to top it off I won a multitool at the raffle…

Ted Buehler