A legal (and fun) ‘Assault’ on the streets of Portland

Last weekend, the Urban Assault Ride rolled into town. Honestly, this type of event isn’t my usual thing, but with Jonathan’s prodding, I decided to give it a shot. (Check out my photo essay after the jump.)

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Turns out, it was a lot of fun. Riding around the city, completing crazy obstacles, skidding around Pioneer Square on a big-wheel — what’s not to like!?

For those of you who don’t know what Urban Assault Ride is: teams of two compete to reach seven checkpoints all across Portland. Teams can choose whatever route they wish, but two of the checkpoints are unknown until near the start of the race.

For action from the ride, sit back and click through my photo essay below…

If you rode the race last Sunday, and you have any stories, leave them in the comments. We’d love to read them! (I have a few stories myself I’ll put in the comments at some point.)

Thanks for reading.

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Oregon Velo
15 years ago

Nice photo essay. We took photos of the Portland and the Seattle Urban Assault ride and can honestly say that Portland kicked butt.

more photos: http://photos.oregonvelo.com/g/uarpdx

Mr DeJerk
15 years ago

Good times! Nice photos! Is there a link to where I could download some of them?