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US DOT Secretary in Portland today

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
National Bike Summit - Day two-5

Ray LaHood will learn about
streetcar manufacturing progress.
(Photo © J. Maus)

U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be in Portland today. The Daily Journal of Commerce and reliable sources say that LaHood will join regional transportation officials near the Aerial Tram tomorrow morning.

LaHood is expected to show his support for Portland’s burgeoning streetcar network (not that it needs it, streetcar is getting money from everywhere right now) and to get a first-hand look at a prototype of a locally manufactured streetcar (by Clackamas-based Oregon Ironworks).

Back in April, LaHood said on C-SPAN that Portland is a “model” for streetcar development.
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Champagnge Electra Townie 2007

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Year: 2007
Brand: Electra
Model: Townie
Stolen in Portland, OR 97214
Stolen From: My house at sE 21st and Harrison, Portland
Neighborhood: Hawthorne
Owner: hilary meehan
Reward: $100
Description: A true beaute. Champagny wheat, women’s bike, flat foot tech, dual metal fold-out basket on rear. “I love my bike” bell.
Police record with: Ofr. Bledsoe
Police reference#: 41701

Bianchi Cannondale R500 2001

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Year: 2001
Brand: Cannondale
Model: R500
Serial: ?
Stolen in Portland, OR OR
Stolen From: Outside of Yamhill Pub I think I had many beers do I walked home and left it for the night. I’m still hoping I just locked it up in a spot different than I remember so if you see it locked up somewhere let me know…
Neighborhood: Downtown
Owner: nicolas shortt
Reward: Broke student please help
Description: Unique Bianchi Green Color with black components, SKS Fenders, Toe Clips without straps, WTB Seat, Wired for computer, Pretty scratched up
This registrant does not have proof of ownership of this bike

Better living through bike parking

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

New bike parking on NE Glisan at 28th gives room to park and room to breathe.
(Photos © J. Maus)

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Watch out bike thieves, our Stolen Bike Listings are back!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The Portland police have already
used our new listings to nab bike
(Photo: Jack Newlevant)

I’ve got great news for bike lovers and horrible news for bike thieves… It’s been about four years since we first launched the BikePortland Stolen Bike Listings and now, after a long hiatus, they are back and better than ever.

But before I share more about our new and vastly improved listings, let me share how we got to this point…

Back in the day, I would input all the listings manually. But once we started recovering bikes (so many that I actually stopped keeping track), word spread quickly (the media loved it) and I couldn’t keep up the manual entry (I knew something had to change when I answered my phone in the middle of the night and a woman was sobbing on the other end as she described her stolen steed). [Read more…]

PBOT preps for yearly bike counts

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Detail of PBOT map showing where
counters will be stationed.
(Download PDF, 950K)

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation is gearing up for their annual effort to count how many people are pedaling around our city.

Last year, 75 volunteers helped PBOT expand the scope of their counts to include 140 locations throughout the city. They found that Portland’s bike use showed a double-digit increase for the fourth straight year and that overall bike use in Portland shot up 28% between 2007 and 2008.

According to City Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller, the counts are vital to PBOT’s work. “They are an essential means of measuring the effectiveness of all our efforts to increase bicycle use and ‘to make the bicycle a part of daily life in Portland,’ as our policy states,” he wrote via email today.[Read more…]

black trek

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Brand: trek
Size:13 inches
Stolen in portland, OR 97202
Stolen From: I was spending the night at my friends house who lives off holgate when it was stolen
Owner: alex tracy
Description: It is a black trek mountain bike which i had gotten from the bike gallery on woodstock. The seat is loose and has tape on it. the left peddle is also loose.
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

Ride Report: Natural Disasters and Geologic History of Cascadia

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Professor Badass expounds on
local geologic mysteries.
(Photo by J.R.)

I ditched work on Thursday to familiarize myself with the Land of Port a bit better by joining up with fifteen other people on bikes and Dr. #1 Badass (planetary geology professor) at the Washington Park Zoo MAX stop.

The four and a half hour tour began by reviewing the excellent MAX station display of a drill core sampled during construction of the Red Line. Its corresponding timeline set the framework for our understanding of the geologic development unique to this region and foreshadowed the stops we would make later in the afternoon.[Read more…]

Report: Oregon Sesquicentennial Ride

Monday, June 29th, 2009
Oregon Sesquicentennial Ride - Pedalpalooza-35

Esther and Phil looove Seski.
(Photo © J. Maus)

[Thanks to Carye Bye for this report (via the Shift list) on the Oregon Sesquicentennial Ride that she organized in honor of our state’s 150th birthday. You can see her photos of the ride here, and check out BikePortland’s photos from the start of the party here.]

Oregon is celebrating its 150th Birthday all year long! About twenty cyclists met up to celebrate in style. We had two Beavers, some Oregon themed shirts, and many of us dressed up in Oregon’s state colors Blue & Yellow (Gold and Navy if you are picky).

At the start we had a little Birthday Cake, lit the candles and Sang “Happy Birthday Oregon.” Four people won best costume and got a fabulous Oregon-Beaver drink coaster set (thanks SCRAP!) and four Natives of Oregon won special arm-band garters with a picture of Oregon. Everyone got buttons to wear!

Each person put something about Oregon on a name tag. One person had eaten cherries off 10 + trees in Woodlawn neighborhood that week. Another admitted she loved rain. One person proudly proclaimed CAR-FREE in Oregon and I said that I’d been to the Slug-Queen festival in Eugene – which is fabulous beyond words, by the way.

Our first stop was the Woody Guthrie Circle at the Bonneville Power Administration Building in the Lloyd. Dan Miller brought his little guitar and we sang “Roll, on Columbia.” Dan even wrote up one of his own verses to sing! The great folk singer Woody was hired by the government to make folks songs about the new dams being built up the Columbia in the 1940s as a campaign to appease the public. After three rounds of singing, ‘homeland security” showed up and told us to stop taking pictures! But didn’t say to stop singing.. but we were on our way to our next stop anyway. Strange!

Next up was the Portland State Building. Inside there are two incredible glass murals, one of Multnomah Falls and one of Bridge of the Gods. Also in the center of the lobby is a gold ring hanging from the ceiling with Oregon’s State motto: “She flies with her own wings.”

As we were looking at the murals…. A BIG SURPRISE happened. SESKI THE SASQUATCH came out between the two murals! Seski is Oregon’s State Mascot for the Sesquicentennial celebrations all year! I had been leaving notes for him in Forest Park (his local accommodation) inviting him to ride with us, and well, he came!

It was a media frenzy, everyone had their cameras out. No one could believe they were meeting a real Big Foot! When I announced that Seski would be riding with us, there were squeals of delight!

Around the corner from the Portland State Building at NE 7th & Lloyd Blvd is a display of Oregon’s State Symbols from Beaver to Douglas Fir, from Western Meadow Lark to the Oregon Grape. But something was missing! Oregon’s Mascot. So I did the honors and added Seski to the Hall of Fame of State symbols!

Our group cycled on with Seski in a Pedicab generously donated by Portland Pedicabs and we paraded down to the Waterfront and rode lower Steel Bridge to Salmon Fountain. People on the waterfront were so excited to see Seski! When we arrived at Salmon Fountain there were some youth group activities and the kids went nuts when they saw Seski. One boy ran over. “I love you!!!!” he screamed.

We pedaled into Chapman Square where there is a Pioneer Oregon Trail family sculpture that was erected in 1993 for the 150th anniversary of the Oregon Trail. Here we took many Seski photos, and bid him adieu.

The rest of us went up to the Oregon Historical Society to see the “Oregon, My Oregon” exhibit. We also looked at the tromp de l’oeil mural outside showing Lewis & Clark & others. I didn’t know how many folks would show up so I told the museum 30 to 60 people. So they had three docents ready for us. But with twenty we could have easily stayed as a group, but each docent really wanted to give a tour. I first showed everyone my favorite item at OHS, the Portland Penny that decided Oregon’s name. We split up our group with the three volunteer docents and each group started in different parts of the exhibit. I wasn’t so keen on this, and many of us missed a lot of the exhibit this way since we had an hour to see everything. And I really like to go in chronological order. Oh well, the docents were really sweet and loved telling us about the exhibit.

We lost a few here I think to visit the rest of the museum, and about 10 of us went to the carts to get some food and then went down to the waterfront for the last part of the tour: a visit to the Founder’s Stone! (This is curiously hidden off Naito Parkway just south of Morrison Bridge. There are no paths to it, and it was dedicated in the 1940s.) So we had a dramatic play to reenact the famous Naming of Portland story with Dan Miller as the Bostonian Asa Lovejoy and Allan Folz as William Pettygrove who hailed from Portland, Maine. At first the two pioneers wanted to have a pistol duel in the naming, but the audience said, We have an idea: how about a coin toss, and luckily we had a giant Portland Penny! Of course this play kept getting interrupted by random sprinklers turning on us, and then we’d scream and find a new area of the park, and then it happened again. But finally the city’s fate was sealed. Pettygrove won the coin toss, and Portland is still Portland.

The tour ended just in time to meet up with the Ice Cream social on Broadway Bridge!

City of Portland to host bike-sharing ‘demonstrations’

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Montreal officials aboard their “Bixi” bikes.
(Photo: Bixi)

Unlike other projects that the City of Portland has been accused of rushing into (the Sauvie Island Bridge relocation attempt and the Lents/Memorial Coliseum baseball debacle come to mind), no one can ever say that they moved too quickly on bike-sharing.

It was back in February of 2007 that we first reported that the City of Portland was looking into a bike-sharing system. After putting out an official Request for Proposals, the City was close to finding a vendor, but ultimately canceled their search last summer.
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