Oregon’s framebuilding heritage on display at Manifest show

Oregon Manifest Bike Show Day 1-92

A display at the Oregon Manifest
show brings Oregon’s framebuilding
history to life.
– Audio slideshow below –

I intended to have reports and photos from the Oregon Manifest show up starting on Friday afternoon, however, due to some serious issues with my server (the site was down for over two days!), I haven’t been able to share…until now.

I’ll have more reports to come, but for now, watch audio slideshow below. The person speaking is Austin Ramsland, co-owner of Sweetpea Bicycles (his wife Natalie does the framebuilding). Austin is one of the people who’s vision for a Portland-style bike show is what lead to the Manifest.

In the slideshow below he describes a very cool exhibit at the show.

The display was created by Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles and it chronicles over three decades of framebuilders in Oregon. Check it out:

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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jim merz
jim merz
14 years ago

Thanks for the inclusion in your bike show! Sorry I could be there again, we had our home burn up in the Big Sur fire and I have been dealing with that. Hope I can come next time.


Austin Ramsland
14 years ago

One quick note about the display – Bryant Bainbridge collaborated with Sacha on the display for Oregon Manifest over the last couple of months and did a HUGE amount of work to make it possible.

Jim – we would have LOVED to have had you up for the show. Maybe next year?

14 years ago

I thought the display was very good. We read most of it – I’d heard of Strawberry bikes but most of this was all news to us. The local builder display was really cool too, and creative and informative. And thank you, Austin, for showing us around a bit, too. I was just so impressed with the whole show. The bikes were absolutely gorgeous.