Slideshow: ‘Cross is coming…are you ready?

Cross Crusade Hillsboro 2007-1.jpg

Mud and smiles coming soon.
– Watch slideshow below –
(Photos © J. Maus)

There is no denying that the cyclocross season is upon us.

The first sign is always an increase in sales of ‘cross bikes and parts on the OBRA email list. Then, I hear shop employees telling me how everyone is coming in to gear up for the season. Eventually, local bike bloggers start writing about it, Forest Park and Willamette Blvd (which riders use to loop back from Forest Park) begin to fill up with ‘cross riders, and friends I would never expect to try it, start saying they’re excited to race for the first time.

Cyclocross USGP 5-38.jpg

In ‘cross, spectating is almost as fun as racing.

And finally, someone involved with the Cross Crusade emails me to say:

“It’s that time again. Cross season. All hell breaks loose.”

In honor of that quote, I went through my archives and selected 60 or so images from last season. The soundtrack is live audio from a Cross Crusade event recorded by Dan Kaufman of Crank My Chain! Cycle TV. Watch the slideshow below (for best results, try it in full-screen mode):

Here’s a quick and dirty (how appropriate) cyclocross primer:

And there’s a lot more ‘cross coverage to come…stay tuned to for all the action.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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Jeff TB
Jeff TB
15 years ago

Let\’s go BEEER!

15 years ago

Ahhh cross. The pain, the dry heaves, the cold, the rain.

I love it so.

15 years ago

Everyone getting all giddy. I\’ve been trying to pace myself (look at the weather!) but the itch must be scratched soon.

btw – I heard rumors that metal cowboy was considering saddling up. Any truth?

15 years ago

Time to suffer

15 years ago

Jonathan- Dan-

Great photo montage!

Oh my oh my oh my oh my.

And you know what?

Hell already has broken loose.

15 years ago

can\’t wait for mud….

peder horner
15 years ago

Our CX season in CO just got under way this last weekend with two races. Great vibe here, but I sure do miss the fun in Portland… Have fun, go teams BEER and S&M!