CCC will celebrate new mission statement with open house, raffle

visit to Community Cycling Center

The Community Cycling Center
at NE Alberta and 17th.
(Photo © Jonathan Maus)

Since Susan Remmers took over the Community Cycling Center back in March of 2006, the popular non-profit has gone through a major transformation.

One of the many changes they’ve made is a recent re-wording of their mission statement. For some non-profits, that might not seem like a big deal. But at the CCC, one thing Remmers’ leadership has brought is a renewed focus on staying true to the mission.

I asked the CCC’s Alison Hill why they decided to change their mission statement and what it means for the organization:

What was the old mission statement?

“Well, we actually had several in use at the same time, but is was something like, ‘To build skills and foster growth through community oriented recreational and educational bicycle programs and services’.”

And the new one?

“The Community Cycling Center, founded in 1994, broadens access to bicycling and its benefits through innovative hands-on programs, volunteer projects, and our neighborhood bike shop.”

And what are the major differences between them?

“The big difference between the two is that the new one is about broadening access to bicycling and its benefits. The old one was more focused on fostering personal development. Our programs are still at the heart and soul of what we do, but we’re recognizing that we’ve evolved into being this exciting hub of bicycling interaction and activity…the volunteer nights, the shop, the maintenance classes, summer camp, etc…

While we still believe bicycles are a tool for personal empowerment, they’re also this vehicle for social change, and we see that as the role we play in the community.”

Alison also shared with me that they’ve hired Mary Dziewecynski to be their Program Director, filling the spot vacated by Gabe Graff. The CCC is also looking to expand their Board of Directors.

To celebrate the new mission statement and their exciting future, the CCC is hosting an Open House this Sunday (10/21) from 4-6:00pm. They’re also raffling off a limited edition, New Belgium cruiser. Tickets are $1 each. Check out for a photo of the bike and all the event details.

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15 years ago

Trust me – as someone who has been on the Board of more than one non-profit, revising a mission statement is one HUGE deal (and often a gigantic headache) – coming up with one that works is well worth celebrating!

15 years ago

I would like to thank the staff for all their hard work and involvement. Can\’t wait for the party!


15 years ago

Thanks, Cecil. It is a big deal to us. We worked really hard and took our time (involved staff, board and some partners) to get it right.

We see this as a new chapter in the history of the Community Cycling Center and we\’re really excited about where we go from here.

Hope to you Sunday!


15 years ago

The CCC has made several benefical changes in the past couple years. Mucho bueno!

I hope in their next revision they will include \”reuse\” as a goal. Its a good challenge for us all.

Bill Stites
15 years ago

And congrats to Mary Dziewecynski in her new position at CCC. She recently joined the Sunnyside Neighborhood Assoc. board.

She is hitting the ground running!

15 years ago

Bravo, CCC! As someone who lives in the \’hood, I applaud what you\’ve added to Alberta St. and Portland as a whole. The new mission\’s focus on broadening bike use and access will further connect the CCC to the bikers of the region as well as create new riders.

While I understand that re-writing a mission statement is a big deal for a registered non-profit, I agree with revphil\’s sentiment. Even without changing the mission, reuse could be seen as a huge part of \”broadening access to bicycling\”. While I applaud Scrap Wednesdays at the CCC, more access to cheap, reused parts can only encourage increased ridership in the long run.

Curt Dewees
Curt Dewees
15 years ago

Thanks so much for hosting the CCC Open House yesterday!

Susan Remmers, executive director: Congratulations on bringing the CCC\’s ship back on course and achieving your 2007 budget goals by Sept. 30, three months ahead of schedule. That ROCKS!

I was struck by Ms. Remmer\’s words: \”We want to be completely transparent. If someone gives us a dollar, we want you to know exactly how that dollar was spent. If someone volunteers for us, we want you to know what resulted from your effort.\” (loosely quoting; I didn\’t
tape-record or take notes)

Alison Hill Graves, thanks for putting the open house together and making it all

Margaret Weddell, CCC Chair: Congratulations on being recruited to be a law school professor at Lewis & Clark School of Law. I know you\’re very modest about these things, but, really, it\’s getting harder and harder to hide the
fact that you are one hell of a good lawyer, with a true wealth of skills and wisdom. You are true inspiration and role model to the next generation of those who hope to follow in your footsteps!

Congratulations to Neil Armstrong, CCC staff member, for winning the Skidmore Prize. That speaks well not only of Neil, but also for everyone else there at the CCC whom he represents. Very cool!


Curt Dewees
Portland bicyclist

PS. At first I was bummed that I didn\’t win the cruiser bike from New Belgium Brewing, but Ms. Weddell was kind enough to remind me that cruisers are actually quite heavy and clunky and rather difficult to get uphill, so now I\’m breathing a sigh of relief that I didn\’t win! Thanks, M!