Pedalpalooza Day 12: Rides and Reports

Pedalpalooza enters its second week of bike fun. Check out what’s in store today:


    4321 SE Hawthorne (Common Grounds Coffeehouse)
    7:30am – 8:30am

    Come along and join us for a Monday morning Bikepool from SE Hawthorne and 43rd to downtown, via the super bike-friendly Hawthorne Bridge.

    Starting point: Common Grounds Coffeehouse (SE Hawthorne between 43rd and 44th)
    Meet at 7:30am to drink coffee
    Leave at 8:00am sharp for a leisurely bikeride downtown

    Our ride will end downtown at Chapman Square Park (the cool little park with the elk statue fountain slap-bang in the middle of the road). New and experienced cyclists welcome; the more the merrier. Free Portland bicycling maps, and other assorted biking goodies too


    NE Alberta and 25th (The Clown House!)
    Put on yer bikini and have yer bike washed! Bring a little dough fer da clowns, play some games, sporatic bafoonery will be erupting all day and if the right people show up TALL BIKE JOUSTING!!! Clods in bikinis wash bikes all day for tips.


    SW Salmon & Naito Parkway (Salmon Springs Fountain in Tom McCall Waterfront Park)

    Come ride possibly the best and the worst Multi-User Paths (MUP) in Portland! We’ll leave from the Salmon Fountain in Waterfront Park and to the Eastbank Esplanade. We’ll continue down the beautiful Springwater-on-the-Willamette trail to Sellwood, where we’ll embark on the most frightening commuter route imaginable – the Willamette Greenway Trail! We’ll start off right by crossing the Sellwood Bridge, and hit the bottom end of the trail proper, where we’ll negotiate the most anti-bicycle multi-use path in Portland! The theme is MUPpets, so bring Kermit, Elmo or whoever along! It was pointed out that it’s better to start with the bad and end with the good…. So, we’re going to start with the horrendous westside Willamette Greenway Trail and end with the Springwater Corridor. We’re starting from Salmon Fountain, but the end will be at the top of the Eastbank Esplanade, so those going to the Twin Spin can continue on to NE Shaver.


    5329 NE Sandy Blvd (Hollywood Bike Gallery)
    6:00pm – 8:00pm
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Gelato! A free ride with free Gelato for all. Grab your helmet, your bike, and a friend and join us for a casual ride to Mio Gelato for a frozen treat.
    Bike Gallery/Team Rubicon, barb at bikegallery daht comm,, 503-281-9800


    SE 43rd and Rhone (Creston Park’s parking lot)
    6:00pm – 8:00pm
    Learn about some of Portland’s Heritage Trees.
    Janis McDonald, janis.mcdonald at pdxtrans daht oh are gee, City of Portland, Office of Transportation, 503-823-5358


    NE 7th Ave between Shaver St & Mason St (Two Plum Park)
    Are you ever mistaken for someone else in the bike community? Bring your “twin” on a leisurely after-dinner spin on bikes that will end with icecream-soda floats – 1 per set. Bring a tall glass. If you don’t have a doppelganger that you know of, dress a-like with your best mate. Real twins also welcome. All ages & Pigtails encouraged. This ride is co-hosted by Lauren (from a two-twin family) & Carye (from the Twin Cities). Just don’t ask Carye about the Sprockettes or Lauren about Bathtubs, because if you do, you have the wrong twin.
    Carye Bye, bikebat at gmail daht comm, 503-248-4454

Check out my Pedalpalooza 2007 page for more coverage, ride reports, and photos.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Founder of BikePortland (in 2005). Father of three. North Portlander. Basketball lover. Car owner and driver. If you have questions or feedback about this site or my work, feel free to contact me at @jonathan_maus on Twitter, via email at, or phone/text at 503-706-8804. Also, if you read and appreciate this site, please become a supporter.

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Matt Picio
16 years ago

Just to clarify on the MUPpet ride, we\’re riding down the west bank and back up the east bank. The ride time listed is 5pm, but we\’ll probably leave about 5:20. It should be about a 1 hour ride and a little less than 10 miles.

This will be an easy-paced ride, both so you all can enjoy it, and because I\’m still recovering from riding 132 miles on 24Hrs of Portland.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

Twin Spin report by Carye Bye:

(Photos by Matt Picio here)

Leader: Carye & Lauren

Date: Monday, June 18, 2007

Start time: 7 PM

Duration: 2.5 hours

Approx. Distance: 1 mile?

Number of riders: 27

Synopsis of ride:

The Twin power began before the ride even started, we discovered an unknown real twin, and then were chased by a band of screaming triplets hiding behind cars on way down to Two Plums Park in NE Portland.

In matching polka dot dresses and scarves and giant blue hair we (Carye & Lauren) greeted our twin bicyclists – Two by two they came and a few met their long lost twin at the park – you\’ll just have to see the photos (coming soon) – but we had groovy twins, twin photographers, twin kung fu masters, twin bears, the rainbow twins, the beanie twins, fraternal twins, flower spin twins, Twin abercrombie & fitch, the Twins baseball team +1.5, and we even had a \”confused\” shwinn rider and few singles whose twins couldn\’t make it. The twin photographers took twin portraits and a group portrait on the playground. Since we didn\’t have tiny twins on trikes, we scrapped our original shorter twin spin ride in the neighborhood, and decided to not waste anymore time and before our ride had our shared icecream soda floats. All two tubs of icecream and three bottles of soda were consumed promptly. Satisfied, we decided to venture up on Alberta St. with a visit to the bikini hot dice bike wash at the Clown House (which was pretty much over on our arrival). Parading up Alberta, we were twin superstars. Everyone in their cars, sidewalk, & inside shops smiled and waved. For pretty much all of us it was our first time out and about as a \’real\’ twin – and it was fabulous. On our way back to the park we split off from our twin soulmate for a couple blocks – and were so lost without our twin that we just didn\’t know what to do, but soon were reunited and all was good again.

High points:

I don\’t think I stopped smiling or giggling this whole event, It was so much fun – everyone made such a fine effort in dressing a like with their twin. This event was the highlight of my pedalpalooza. And I\’m still giggling about it. A fine turn out with some of the funnest and funniest people in the bike community. We also had awesome weather and you can\’t go wrong with icecream soda floats.

Low points:

No little twins on trikes. and no real twins. I was hoping to get some little neighborhood twins on this ride. And I want to meet some real twins on bikes!

Would you do it again? If so, What would you change?

The annual Twin Spin meet up, might just have to happen again. It was awesome. Maybe we\’ll even advertise a little to get more twins.

Now Twinless,