New mobile bike shop comes to you

[AJ Steffani of Cycology Mobile Bike Repair.]
Photo: AJ Steffani

Southeast Portland resident AJ Steffani has launched Cycologoy Mobile Bike Repair, a new bike shop that comes to you.

AJ offers quick, “on the spot” bike repair throughout the Portland metro area.

Also a great photographer, AJ moved to town about two years ago (from Colorado) and has over 12 years experience as a bike shop mechanic.

AJ is 31 years old and lives near Powell Butte (for “quick mountain bike fixes” he says). I asked him why he started this business:

“I love bikes…and I want to provide Portland riders with a way to get first rate service that is quick and convenient. I come to them so they save time and money by avoiding the travel to and from the shop and, in most cases, I will complete the repair on the spot so they don’t have to be without their ride for days at a time.”

Check out AJ’s website for a complete list of his services and prices and keep his number (503-984-6658) handy… you never know when you might need it!

UPDATE: Portland Mercury report Matt Davis read this post and needed some help this morning. He called AJ and got taken care of! Check it out.

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15 years ago

Important: what are his hours of operation? If I’m leaving a bar at midnight and find a flat tire, I can’t call him, right? Or is it just extra expensive?

It happened last night. That’s why I ask.

Or perhaps this is less of an ambulance service and more of a home doctor visit service? For non-emergencies?

AJ Steffani
15 years ago

Because of the nature of this service my hours are more flexible than a fixed location. In general, I will be scheduling appointments early morning through early evening and I will work with the customer to find a time that works for both of us. Although I may be able to come out right away if I have space in my schedule, this is not intended to be an emergency service so if you call me in the middle of the night you will most likely get my voicemail.

Tito Garcia
Tito Garcia
14 years ago

Hi, I\’m on the process of getting a license to do a Mobil Bike Service and I have a mix feeling of going back and forth. I\’m an Accountant by profession and a former triathlete. I am building or working on bicycle since the age of 12, I build road bikes (9 and 10 spd) to a close friends and they have been encouraging me to put a bike shop. I need help as to; what kind of replacement parts do I need to have with me or what kind of inventory parts do I need to carry; Pricing on services; and scheduling. Already have all the tools (park tools) that I need. Please, if you find some extra time to give me some feedback, it will be greatly appreciated. So far I have not seen anybody doing the bike mobil service here in orange county, CA specially in Irvine city.
Tito Garcia