Bikey journalist moves on

[Angela Valdez,
post crash]
Photo: Nathan Lenz

Angela Valdez, the well-known staff writer at the Willamette Week has left the local independent weekly and will now ply her trade at The Stranger up in Seattle.

Angela is probably best known for a defining moment that will forever connect her to bikes and Portland.

On July 27th, 2005 she was hit by a car at NE 15th and Prescott and nearly paralyzed forever. The cover story she wrote just one month later titled, “Biker, Interrupted” is the most honest and sobering bit of writing I’ve ever seen in the Willy Week.

“This is cyclocross, a sport made of mud, pain, endurance and grace…Bruises and memories are more common prizes than cash or sponsorships.”
–Valdez on ‘cross

Angela is also respected in the bike community for her work on many stories including her piece titled “Mud, Sweat, and Gears,” the awesome cover story she did last year on Portland’s burgeoning cyclocross scene.

She also wrote a nice piece on my stolen bike recovery efforts. I still love the title; “Two-Wheeled Street Justice: A popular website tips off bike-theft vigilantes.” That was fun.

The cycling community was lucky to have such a talented and sensitive journalist covering the bike beat.

Good luck in Seattle Angela!

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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17 years ago

Welcome to Seattle, Angela! We look forward to your writing up here in The Stranger.

17 years ago

awww….thats a real bummer.
i’ll miss her.

she did my article when trimet refused to transport me and my bike.

last time i saw her was at veganopolis, she’s incredibly nice.
either way, i’m hope the stranger appreciates her as much as we in pdx do.

17 years ago

Is there a recent update on how she’s doing? I have wondered how she’s progressing after her injuries, but haven’t heard much since the original Bicyclist, Interrupted article.

Filmed by Bike
17 years ago

Angela was also one of the esteemed jury members of Filmed by Bike 2006. Hopefully she’ll be able to come back to town for the 2007 festival (scheduled for mid April at the Clinton Street Theater).

17 years ago

Hmmmm, the Stranger you say?
That is the paper I would actually read, having done so in Seattle, I found it fun, informative, and more useful then sarcastic.
Instead we are stuck with the Stranger’s bastard brother, the Mercury……..
Good luck in Seattle, and send me the paper once a week?