Stolen: 2 Lemond Etapes

I live in Seattle and got the wild and crazy idea to do the STP with my husband. We bought ALL the gear and brand new bikes, did 3 training rides and off we went. We completed the STP, actually did well and had a blast!! We stayed with family in Beaverton and our bikes were stolen from the backyard. There were completely out of sight and behind a locked fence! We are crushed and very angry!! Please feel free to edit out the whining if needed…

Date: Mon July 17 after 10:30pm but before 8am on Tuesday
Location: Cedar Hills
Bike: 2–2006 Lemond Etape, 53cm frames, brand new
Color: Black/Blue
Serial #’s: ITK5J05060, 294SM0133A
Shimano SPD multi-purpose pedals

They do have silver stickers with the retailers name on them-Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle

Thank you!!
Bikeless in Seattle,
Carrie Verge

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13 years ago

By any chance, do you have a picture? I work and ride in that exact area…