Lance Armstrong in Tualatin tonight

LiveStrong Ride with Lance Armstrong

[Lance at the ’05
Livestrong Ride.]

Lance Armstrong is scheduled to appear at the grand opening of the new 24HR Fitness Center in Tualatin tonight. The new fitness center is a specially branded, “Lance Armstrong” location.

Word is that he’s expected to show at 5:30 at 13900 SW Pacific Hwy in Tualatin.

I planned to show up and snap some gratuitous celebrity photos, but have decided not to go. Watch Jonathan Nicholas’s column in the Oregonian for a report.

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16 years ago

Now watch as I scream like a little girl.

“Oh Laaaaaaaaaance!” *faints*

16 years ago

honestly jonathan, im happy you are working on lesser media saturated topics. Take a rest already!

Although i am interested in what makes a place a “Lance Armstrong” location.

Im guessing Lance is getting sick of bikers fawing on him, or his handlers know how to keep him in rock star-like presentation.