It’s bike week at the Oregonian

The Oregonian continues to expand its cycling coverage. Today, a mountain bike racer from a weekend event at Mt. Hood graces the front page and the paper has more bike coverage planned for each day this week.

Here’s the list of their upcoming coverage:

  • Tuesday: Members of the Portland Velo bike club take their weekly Columbia Gorge ride.
  • Wednesday: Elite cyclists take to the Portland International Raceway course.
  • Thursday: Fast corners and steep hills challenge riders at Mount Tabor.
  • Friday: Bicyclists play polo at Alberta Park.
  • Saturday: Riders get up to speed at Alpenrose Velodrome.
  • Sunday: Smell the roses on Slug Velo‘s annual rose ride.

Today’s article is written by Abby Haight. She’s a great writer who’s written about cyclocross, track and road racing in the past and she’s even done some racing herself.

It’s great to see all the local media coverage for bikes. Check out all of June’s coverage so far.

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16 years ago

I appreciate the Oregonian’s coverage very much. Are they going to cover Multnomah Bike Fair?

16 years ago

The corrupt and lame Oregonian has announced the polo on the wrong night, even after they were requested to NOT advertise bike polo in the paper.
I think it is great that everyone is jumping on the bicycle bandwagon, but why must they do it in such a way that can do damage to others livelyhood’s?

16 years ago

I don’t understand – how does publicizing bike polo hurt someone’s livelihood?

Also, it’s held in a public park, right? So it’s not a private event…how can you prohibit people from talking about it?

I think it’s cool that people want to check out bike polo.

16 years ago

not a circus tho

16 years ago

That’s the beauty of a free press: reporters & editors get to cover whatever they want, whether or not the subjects wish to be written about.

I’m sure former Mayor Neil Goldschmidt and former Police Chief Derrick Foxworth (to use just two extreme examples) both wish they could just call up the media and say, “Hey, please don’t cover my story, OK? Thanks.”

I’m not saying bike polo is equal to a public-figure sex scandal; it’s just that people who get written about in newspapers usually don’t get to decide whether or not they are newsworthy.

The silver lining: Since a few of you didn’t want any coverage of bike polo, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that the “lame” press got the date wrong, no?