Real estate agent goes by bike

[Geoff Greene, real
estate agent.
Photo: Geoff Greene.]

Geoff Greene is a former mechanic (he wrenched at the CCC for 3 1/2 years) and bikey entrepreneur who is now a Re/Max real estate agent.

The 33 year old, who is known as “the Schwinn Guy” by most of his friends, has woven his love of bikes with his new profession in typical Portland style.

You might have seen him at any number of events lately (here he is at the Alberta Art Hop last month), riding his CycleTruck cargo bike full of free freezee pops and patch kits.

Geoff was the man behind CycleTruck (see one in action) but has moved on from that business to focus on real estate.

Now Geoff wants to give new home tours by bike:

[Looking professional.
Photo: Geoff Greene.]

“Most people will want to view properties via automobile, and that’s very understandable, and I’ve even gone out of my way to secure a classic Chevy to do it in style. But for the clients who want to pop around to potential properties by bicycle, well, I’d like to offer them that option.”

Many people move to Portland specifically for the bikey lifestyle and what better way to start out than a new house bike tour.

You can get in touch with Geoff via email at,

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16 years ago

i’m not looking for housing right now but i’ll bookmark this so i can find him in the future.

16 years ago

We moved to Portland 1.5 years ago for the bikeyness, and bought, and our agent just laughed when I suggested that she show properties by bike. I was, however, quite serious. Geoff, I’d have loved to help you get a fat commission, and I wish you great success. I don’t think it’s a big secret that, all things being equal, places without garages/driveways are (a) cheaper and (b) have more garden space. I can see you becoming the seller’s agent of choice for people “stuck” with such properties, as in touch with the car-free bikey types moving in and around town.

16 years ago

I’m looking at some property in Scappose and up in the West Hills, think you could pedal me up there? (kidding)

Great angle, putting together a list or properties that are bike/ped freindly and then showing those properties.

Great idea……

aaron hayes
16 years ago

this is terrific! i’ve had this very same idea since i bought a house last year, and i looked at ALL properties on my bike. And if i couldnt get there on my bike, i wasnt going to buy it.

Good luck Geoff-!

16 years ago

pretty awesome.

i wonder how he can help a full time biker, life long pdx area resident, non-professional/working poor 30 year old who is being priced out of the town he loves.

Geoff G.
16 years ago

More Portland info is available at my website Cheers, Geoff

14 years ago

That\’s a great idea, and it takes green real estate tours to a whole new level.