Report: Donut Ride

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  • This report submitted by Jeme:

    “Seven adults and three young people (one tethered and the other two self-locomoting) set out on Saturday morning to take in the lovely weather and huge numbers of calories in fat and sugar.

    With respect for the 20″ wheels in the crowd (and no, I’m not talking about the Bike Friday that came along for the ride), we took it nice and slow from Broadway to Alberta to Burnside and hit four of the city’s finest donut bakeries and one yard sale wherein we purchased about three dozen donuts and one typewriter.

    Who’s planning next year’s typewriter ride?

    We’ll be doing this again. And thanks to the popularity of the doughnut in Portland, we might not have to hold it the morning after the MMR next year. We also prophesised a gluttonous AlleyCat race wherein donuts from one shop are delivered to relay riders at the next who must consume their delivery before heading out to the next leg and a cupcake ride.

    So far as I know, no photographic record exists.”

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