I’m taking a short break

Just want to let you know that I’m taking a few days off and I won’t be around to moderate comments, post stolen bikes, delete spam from the Forums, or return emails until later this week.

I’ve post-dated a few stories that will automatically publish over the next few days.

Over and out.

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16 years ago

Have a nice break Mr. Maus, you deserve it. And thanks for Bikeportland!

Tim Jackson
16 years ago

Have a nice break and spend some time with those girls of yours.

Donna Tocci
16 years ago

Mmmmm…break….sounds good…I’m slightly jealous. Enjoy!!!!!

16 years ago

Enjoy your time off. Your web log has been a daily read for me.

Matt P.
16 years ago

Enjoy your break, Jonathan, and thanks for all the hard work you do keeping this site up and updated!

Roger Louton
16 years ago

*IMPORTANT bicycle trails related meeting!* Jonathan is out, but I NEED to get the word out about this IMPORTANT bicycle related meeting! So, for those of you who keep clamoring for singltrack mountain bike trails, THURSDAY is your chance to speak up! Power in numbers, people! Here’s the scoop:
There is going to be a Q&A session and you can guess what MY question will be:
Of these 221 miles planned for ‘Regional Trails’, how many miles are open to bicycles, and of that how many could be classified as ‘singletrack’, which is the proffered style of trail most experienced mountain bicyclists prefer to ride?


the above link is their actual presentation.

All I know is we NEED mountain bikers there. If there are 100 people, but only 2 mountain bikers, that is not showing the Parks Dept. that there is very much demand for singletrack trails.

AND, you can be sure I will be bringing up the statement that guy from the Metro Bond Measure PAC made at our PUMP meeting last night: “There will be additional mileage added to Wildwood AND it will be open to bikes.” Wait till Friends of Forest Park here’s about this! They’ll go ballistic.

You are invited to a presentation on the Strategy for Regional Recreational Trails within Portland.
Thursday, June 1, 2006
6:30 – 8:00 PM
Portland Building – Second Floor, Room C 1120 SW Fifth Avenue Portland, OR

June 3rd is National Trails Day! What better time to think about Portland’s trail system?

Toward the end of June, Portland Parks & Recreation will be taking our Regional Recreational Trails Strategy to City Council.
Regional Trails connect our city to adjacent communities and to regionally significant features such as rivers and streams.
Portland has 22 existing and planned Regional Trails, totaling 221 miles. Of those, 146 miles (66%) are complete!

Now, working within the context of other regional planning frameworks, Portland Parks & Recreation has developed a 20 year strategy for completing Portland’s Regional Recreational Trail System. Please join us to learn about the strategy and how it will be used to guide future regional trail development decisions.

This presentation is intended to provide trail advocates and other interested citizens with an in-depth overview of the draft Strategy and an opportunity for Q & A and further discussion.

As of May 26th, the document will be posted on the PP&R web site under “What’s New”.

Please pass this along to others who may be interested.

Thank you.