Stolen: Women’s Giant

[Posted by “annea”]

Heartbroken and broke: Please help me find my Bike. I have a disability and do not drive. This my only form of transportation. My Bike is a WOMEN’S MOSS GREEN–FERRAGO GIANT 17L New 2004-2005 model. There are mounts for both a light and a mileage counter on the top of the handle bars. The seat, handlebars and back fender (plastic) are all black. There is a Bike Gallery Sticker located near the V shape of the frame. The tires are new aluminum city tires. My Bike was stolen on Saturday May 13, 2006 between 5:30pm and 10:30pm. It was stolen from SW 6th and Washington, in front of Starbucks. My bike was dual locked with a Kryptonite U-lock and cable set, newly purchased from the Bike Gallery in April. The cable was cut clean. The U-lock was laying in 2 pieces beside the cable. Both were left at the scene. There is a REWARD being offered if found. The color and model are both somewhat unusual. The serial number is GR418554. My Cell phone # is 503-422-3770 or email me at:

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mike z
mike z
16 years ago

I believe you can file something with kryptonite given you registered the lock and picked up the busted lock and they will cut you a check to go buy a new bike