Volunteer: Distribute Pedalpalooza calendars

[From Ian Stude]

Pedalpalooza is almost here!

Our annual printed calendar of Pedalpalooza events is just about to come off the presses. Once it’s ready we have only one hurdle left — peppering the city with thousands of copies to spread the good word about Pedalpalooza’s two and a half weeks of BIKE FUN.

Fortunately, we have the venerable Portland Mercury on our team. The Pedalpalooza Calendar will inserted into every one of the 42,000 copies of the Portland Mercury’s June 1st issue. But…

We can always do more to spread the bike love. After all, not every bike-friendly establishment in our fair city gets copies of the Mercury. So, we here at Calendar Central have made sure to print plenty of extra calendars for distribution to bike shops and bike-loving businesses.

Here comes the call-out for volunteers:

What we need now is a Pedalpalooza Calendar Distribution team, including a distribution coordinator. Are you up for the job? Sound off to throw your hat in the ring. Pedalpalooza needs your help!

To volunteer contact Ian at iangoesbybike [a] comcast net, or leave a comment.

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