CHUNK holds framebuilding workshop

Last Saturday CHUNK DCLXVI (666) held a framebuilding workshop. The idea was to invite local framebuilders and show them the fine art of building a bike, CHUNK-style. Here’s more from the event invite:

“You know how to build a bike. We want to teach you how not to build a bike. A sorta monster garage with no cameras and more beer. You are encouraged to bring raw materials (old frames, wheels, beer, etc.) and safety equipment (gloves, gogs, beer, etc). You are not allowed to bring or use poofter stuff like brass, flux, virgin steel or calipers. I think we will allow files since were a little short on those but limit it to one or two. All jigs will be made of 2x4s and old innertubes or whatever else you can find lying around. All welds will be made with an oxy torch and coat hangers.”

Several local builders showed up including Tony Pereira, Joseph Ahearne and Ira Ryan. They were pointed to a pile of old bikes and given a beer (or three) and a hacksaw to get started. According to Ira, “the tools were a bit barbaric but perfect considering the aesthetic we were going for.”

I wonder if this workshop has anything to do with CHUNK gearing up for the auspicious date of 06/06/06? By the looks of their website and blog, they seem to be up to something…or maybe they just really like chickens. With CHUNK, it’s hard to tell what they’ll do next.

[Photos courtesy Ira Ryan]

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16 years ago

But what *really* made the event great was the bright sun and burgers fresh off the grill and realizing that was what it would be like all summer.