Stolen: Cannondale F500

[Posted by user “hellkell”]

My Cannondale was stolen off of my front porch on the 30th block of Yamhill on the night of the 21st. It was a mat green color with yellow lettering. I am a high school teacher and this is my transportation. If you have any inormation please contact me at 503 234 7063. My name is David Kelly.

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17 years ago

While I do dislike the fact that bikes are stolen around here a lot, and hope you get yours back, I find it hard to sympathize when it’s left on a porch overnight. This is at least the second post I’ve seen this week about this exact thing happening. Bring it inside, and lock it up!

17 years ago

while i cannot respond for others. . . .i left mine on a friends porch, during a small gathering (no room for it inside), with the front door open and a window on to where it sat. the bike could not be seen from the sidewalk. . .whomever nabbed it had to come on to the porch looking for something to steal.
i *did* think before i went inside, “hmmm. . . .should i lock it up? nah, itll be fine, were right inside, i can see it through the window. . .”
i suppose my point is that its not so much about sympathy or the missing object as it is about feeling frustrated and violated.