Stolen: Silver Kona

[Posted by “beckybrun”]

My KONA Jake the Snake cyclocross bike (silver, size 56) was stolen a couple of months ago at the corner of SE 8th and Main St. (near the Lucky Lab). It’s a 2001 model and the silver paint is hard to miss.

At the time, it had a rack on the back and a blue Montrail water bottle. My guess is that if I ever see it again, those things will no longer be on the bike….but who knows?

If you see this bike, please email me at


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17 years ago

Hey there,
Not sure if you’ve gotten your bike back or not and I’m not sure how common the silver Jakes are but I saw a guy riding one today and asked him about it (only because I am shopping around and that is one of the models I am interested in) and he said he had gotten it about 6 months ago. I saw him at the Coffee People on MLK near Broadway. Not sure if this is a coincidence or if this will help any but good luck.