Big turnout for Slug Velo’s birthday ride

Slug Velo ride - February

Cold temperatures didn’t stop over 30 riders from helping Beth Hamon celebrate the third birthday of Slug Velo today. Beth founded Slug Velo as a slow and social riding club and her rides always draw a refreshing mix of bike lovers young and old.

I brought Eleni along, but since today was my birthday Robert offered to pull her in the trailer alongside his son Christopher (thanks Robert!). They both had a great time and were rewarded with treats and strawberry milk at our destination in St. Johns.

See the rest of my photos from this ride.

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teresa, on the slug velo
teresa, on the slug velo
16 years ago

well. that was interesting. when i saw you at sluig velo today, i wondered if you were jonathon maus… retrospectively, i see i was correct 🙂
[short chick with the shiny pearl blue bike]

Scott Mizée
16 years ago

Hey! Happy Birthday, Jonathon!

Mrs. Berry
16 years ago

Great ride. Wonderful crowd. Slug Velo Rocks!

Jeff Wills
Jeff Wills
16 years ago

Slug rides are always fun- I’m sorry I missed the anniversary. I’m leading the March Slug/OHPV/whoever else Rites of Spring ride, so be there!