Sprockettes and Zoobombers rock Roller Derby

Sprockettes at Rollery Derby

Dingo at rollery derby night
[Dingo on his mini tall-bike]

The Sprockettes and the Zoobombers left their mark on Saturday night’s roller derby season opener at the Expo Center. Their half-time extravaganza including some gnarly derby action with plenty of thrills and spills by an amped up Zoobomb crew.

Then, the Sprockettes did their thing and and were met with a thunderous ovation from the sold-out crowd and I had the best seat in the house for all the action! Here are my photos from the Sprockettes performance.

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17 years ago

Whos Bloody idea was it for the after-derby party to be held at a bloody redneck bar… they were the fattest inbbred wannabe cowboys i’ve seen in a long time… great idea, i love going to partys where i fear getting beat up after kissing a clown (tiago)…but thats another story all together…

Glamour Hammer
17 years ago

Hey folks, our sincere apologies for the Outlaws B.S. If it makes ya’ll feel better, the rollergirls (and our families) were all treated just as badly.

Outlaws sucks. Period. They won’t get any more business from us.


Peril Lust
Peril Lust
17 years ago

“Peril Lust” your comment has been deleted due to excessive profanity. If you have something to say, please figure out how to say it without offending everyone else and re-submit the comment. Thanks for contributing.

–Jonathan Maus

Goodie Twoskates
17 years ago

Thank you Sprockettes and Zoobombers for supporting us and struttin yer stuff. I thought both shows were amazing and I would love to see it all happen again.
Please accept an apology on belhalf of the RCR crew for a miserable after party.
I hope to meet you all in person again and would love to attend any of your events. Thanks again for a great show. We all appreciate you all so much!
Dr.Goodie Twoskates
Rose City Rollers
Travel Team Captain

Agent Mischief
Agent Mischief
17 years ago

It was super awesome performing and watching my first roller derby game. We all enjoyed the event, beautiful people and would love to return again for another half time.
Agent Mischief