Stolen: Green Kona – Recovered!

[Posted by “alison”]

My Green Kona bike was stolen from my house on 2/2/06…It was shiny and pretty with a black gel seat, back pedal brakes, a orange and black horn and a six spped gear shifter. It had small dancing skeletons on the top support bar and was my favorite bike I have ever owned. However, despite my love I failed to take any snapshots of my bike so instead I have included a drawing with details. It may not be exact but it’s pretty close! I love my bike and miss it terribly…Please help in my search!
If you have any leads, please email me at! Thanks so much! (click image to enlarge!)


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Adam Cornell
Adam Cornell
18 years ago

Mike at the Downtown Bike Gallery just recovered what we believe to be this bike.

Come and get it Alison.