Stolen: Raleigh 3-speed

[posted by Jack Newlevant]

Stolen on 1/11/06 between 3 & 6PM from in front of 520 SW 6th:
my beloved 1970-era Raleigh 3-Speed with silver frame (w/some black over-spray) & steel fenders, rubber pedals, kick stand, wicker front basket, Blackburn rear rack, 650B alloy rims & tyres on Sturmey-Archer hubs (DynoHub front). Though pretty heavy, it was very convenient for short trips and, I thought, theft resistant. I had gotten away for 20 years with using just a Basta (Italian for “enough”!) lock that only immobilizes the rear wheel. I didn’t lock it TO anything but hadn’t before left it in such a chancey spot. Now, of course, I’m upping my estimate of the risks and the security on my other bikes! Please report any sighting to Jack Newlevant (503.236.4920)

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17 years ago

Hi Jack,

I’m sorry to hear about your bike. I’ve heard through the grapevine that you were interested and/or involved in a project with METRO to create a bike trip planner. I’m an Urbn Studies student at PSU and would be interested in helping with such an effort. If you get this message, please contact me at ethany(at)pdx(dot)edu otherwise I will continue trying to track you down!