Preview of bike art documentary


Some of you may remember a comment from Joe Biel about the bike art documentary he’s working on.

From the looks of this short teaser clip he just sent me, “Martinis in the Bike Lane” looks like a really solid effort and I look forward to seeing the whole thing.

The short film will be part of “From Portland with Bike Love, II” the sequel to Reverend Phil’s much-acclaimed DVD of the same name.

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josh m
josh m
17 years ago

very nice quality.

17 years ago

Don’t forget that Steev Hise had a big part in the first volume of “Bike Love”!

17 years ago

My signal is too bad to watch the clip, But I totally disagree with using the icon, outside the Benson HOtel, The biggest abusers of bike lanes in this town, as a basis for anything but Stopping the Benson and Heathman Hotels from abusing the bike lanes on a more than hourly basis.
You all know what I am talking about. I think Movies are great, people should make short films.
But just seeing the reference to the Benson in the bike lane, or in any pic, makes me want to throw up.
They Park in our bike lane. They don’t care about me. They don’t care about you.
They care about the Almighty dollar.

On another note. Good luck with the film short, I hope it does well.
Could I get you to change the title?

Bringing it around the Turkey, and into your home, Dabby.

Joe Biel
17 years ago

Well Dabby…this isn’t a hollywood blockbuster…this is a documentary about the exact situation that you are talking about. so, if successful, i would say that it would be attempt to stop the abuse of bike lanes there.

This isn’t some kind of cultural appropriation. I’m a cyclist and deal with this shit too.

17 years ago

As I pointed out, i was not able to watch the clip. I believe I mentioned that.
That is great. I will be finding a copy of it(I am sure Phil will be bringing me one…. that bastard).
I need to find a stronger signal to watch the clip.
By the way I have developed a arch nemisis situation with the old Beefeater dude at the heathman. We hate each other.

Joe Biel
17 years ago

Granted, you didn’t watch it…but perhaps that should make you a little more hesitant to comment until then. And it is listed as a “documentary”, not exactly capitalizing off of this little parking in the bike lane debacle. It should be done by the end of the week!