New “Voices” section launched

I sometimes get emails from readers that have something to “get off their chest” but it doesn’t quite fit as a post or as a comment to an existing post. I also know that many of you are intelligent and creative and have helpful and engaging thoughts about riding a bike in Portland that you might like to publish and share with a larger audience.

That being said, I want to introduce It’s a space where you can post anything you want (I’ll be editing them before they’re published so nothing vulgar or offensive makes it onto the site). The only requirement is that your writing pertains to cycling in Portland.

I’ve gotten things started with three posts. Dabby has shared a ride report, Tom has posted a tragic story of a bike hit-and-run that remains unsolved, and Aaron shares his story of an unexpected experience he had with an “SUV roadie”. These are just examples of what you can share. Your voice can be longer, shorter, or whatever.

Here are some other things you might want to post:

  • Complaints and praise about riding conditions and facilities.
  • Reviews of bike-friendly businesses.
  • Personal stories about your experiences on a bike in Portland.
  • Poems, haikus and other creative writing.
  • A call for volunteers or feedback.

I hope you like the new section. Remember that you must register before you can post. I’ll be linking over to your entries from here and highlighting interesting posts when I can. Please let me know if you have feedback or questions. Thanks.

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