Podcast: Voices from the Picket Line

Just a quick post to share a new episode of our podcast. It’s a quick explainer of the City of Portland worker strike that began yesterday. I include audio from interviews with folks on the picket line and share more about what PBOT says we can expect in terms of impacts to the streets.

This is a new style of episode for us. At just 17 minutes, it’s much shorter than our long interviews and it’s a quick turnaround that has more of a newsy feel than previous episodes. It’s something I want to do more in the future. I still plan to do interviews (have new ones coming soon with researcher Dr. Tara Goddard and former Transit Center Executive Director (and former Metro President) David Bragdon.

Have a listen above or wherever you get your pods and let me know what you think of this format. Thanks!

Get a little taste with the audio snippet below:

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Jeremy Pascal
Jeremy Pascal
1 month ago

Cool. I’ll take a listen. If you want to expand your and your reader’s horizons a bit you should do an interview with Kevin Dahlgren of We Heart Portland. He’s currently working with the city of Gresham on the local homeless crisis.