My first bike move

Elicia's bike move

After hearing about them for months I finally got a chance to partake in a bike move. Me and 20 or so others helped a friend move her stuff about a mile across town.

The day started with nice chit chat over pastries (donated by Grand Central Bakery!) and coffee . We then loaded our baskets, panniers, and trailers with stuff. Lamps, books, stereos, a wok, bookshelves, dressers, you name it, we loaded it.

Elicia's bike move

It was great to watch the veteran bike movers pack up their trailers with heavy and bulky cargo. I noticed inner tubes were the preferred strapping device.

Tom showed up with a new Cycle-Truck converted Specialized he just bought from NoPo Bikeworks. And there was a courier who pulled a super heavy load with a fixed gear!

We ended up accomplishing the entire mission in under 2 hours!…which left plenty of time for wine and pizza…mmmm.

Check out my bike move photo gallery…and for more bike move fun, check out Todd’s photos and movies and of course don’t forget Clarence’s Bike Move-ie at BikeTV.

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16 years ago

She’s not super-heavy, but I pulled my daughter on her trailer-bike 10 miles across town and back on my fixed gear. Once. I *was* able to get some help from her on the hills.

el timito
el timito
16 years ago

Aww, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be there. It looks like super fun.
But at least my trailer was able to be there and have fun without me! (and it wasn’t adultery because I only married my bike, not my trailer)

16 years ago

I didn’t realize it was your first bike move, Jonathan. I’m glad you made it out. After the Mega Move of West K. (from NE 72nd and Sandy to W. Burnside and 23rd), today’s ride seemed, oh, I don’t know….. easy.

Julien Myette
10 years ago

Wow, when I began doing bike moves in 2008 I figured I was the first one to have this silly idea, but clearly I was wrong! I’m still doing bike moves after 3 years and just wrote a guide where I share some tips: Hope it helps make bike moves more and more popular.