KBOO Bike Show

I’ll be co-hosting the KBOO Bike Show with Ayleen Crotty tomorrow. It will air from 9-10AM on 90.7FM or you can listen to the live stream at KBOO.fm.

We’ll be talking about bike safety and online resources that can help inform and inspire the bike community (hey, that sounds familiar;-) ). If there’s anything you’d like to talk about, leave a comment here, or just give us a call on the show at (503) 231-8187.

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Chris Smith
17 years ago

Is that available for download anywhere?

17 years ago

Just caught the last bit of your show. I would have enjoyed hearing some discussion about the fact that some roads are just not safe for cyclists. Every summer weekend as I make my commute from 242nd to the scenic highway I encounter numerous cyclists on roads not built for both of us. If my options decrease to hittting a SUV or a bicyclist, where do you think I’m going to go?

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
17 years ago

No. The show can’t be downloaded at this point…but I am getting a recording of it that I hope to make into an MP3. When I do, I’ll post it.

We actually did talk about country roads and how narrow they are and how cyclists need to be safer on them. Riding single-file is a must…but I am hesitant to start saying certain roads are simply “too dangerous”. We should be able to co-exist, not start excluding a viable user group that has the same rights to the road as a motor vehicle.

Thanks for the comments!