Report: Bike-in Movie at Hawthorne Hostel

Reported by Brian Scrivner:

At least 120 people enjoyed food, music, a short BikeTV show, and animated feature movie at the Hawthorne Hostel on Friday, after the Critical Mass “Memorial” ride.

The Bike-In Movie was again hugely popular, thanks in part to the Critical Mass (special Memorial edition) ride, which was in a way a part of a two-part event with Bike-In Movie. The Memorial Critical Mass (previously reported on) was well attended, spirited, and stopped at three sites for fallen cyclists:
– SE 37th & Taylor
– SE Belmont & 40th
– SE Stark & 49th

Later, the ride converged on the Hawthorne Hostel at SE Hawthorne & 31st, where veteran volunteer Karin, daughter, and friends had done a fabulous job of setting up seating and creating a mountain of popcorn. Many riders demanded “where’s the food?”, and though there was plenty of food donated it hadn’t all been prepared. Maybe more volunteers next year? This was, like last year, a matter of lack of volunteer resources and the organizer having
a day job.

Once the sound system had been set up by the very competent Jasun (thanksagain!) with much help from Hosteller Talbot, it was possible to make an amped announcement for kitchen help, of which more than enough crowded the kitchen a minute later. Hot chai was brewed, chocolate milk (for the non-vegans) was stirred, veggies were baked, and a huge salad (which didn’t
last long) was tossed. Tall Steve kept the donated ‘dogs going all through the rest of the event on the giant gas BBQ. There was much more bread than even this crowd could eat.

During all this kitchen activity, Clarence, the producer of NYC TV show BikeTV, introduced and showed a Portland-filmed BikeTV episode. The audience then voted on their fav movie, rejecting AGAIN the film Kiki’s Delivery Service for another film by Hayao Miyazaki, Porco Rosso. The crowd was entertained for the next hour and a half by the adventures of the ace
pilot flying pig, and courteously picked up the yard before leaving for any of several parties including a trampoline party way up north.

Apologies, but the raffle became a casualty of a lack of volunteer resources. There wasn’t time to coordinate the food, borrowing equipment, etc. and also solicit and pick up raffle donations.

HUGE THANKS are due to the following, without whom the event would not have been possible:
– Most of all, the Hawthorne Hostel, for loaning the place, pitching in, letting us take over the kitchen, and tolerating our mess. Thanks especially to Talbot, who held a lot of things together, prepared some things days ahead of time, and during the event was very tolerant of this often-perfectionist organizer. Thanks to the many Hostel guests and employees who pitched in, some whose names I never got, especially the guests who washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen before the movie was even finished.
– The very dynamic Jacque, who seemed to be three people as she secured donations, rounded up stuff, and contributed ideas and labor to the event.
– Lewis, for creating an event flyer with short notice when I still hadn’t found a Graphics Slave the week of the event.
– Jasun, for loaning his projector and managing many technical aspects of the event.
– Karin, Tori, and friends, for showing up early and doing a tremendous amount of work setting up the yard and making popcorn.
– Brian S. (no, not me the other Brian S.) for loaning the mixing board which made it possible to tie together the sound and video, and for keeping the tunes going (from laptop computer if I’m not mistaken) pre-movie.
– Mykle for loaning the very nice amp/speakers.
– I’m sure I’ve forgotten some people, but you are not unappreciated!

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