Report: Bike n Boggle

Reported by Carye:

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10 bike riders, 25 – 30? at ACME

The ride that started with a beer and ended with third place & a flat.

About 10 people showed up at Portland Mercury HQ (NE 22nd near Sandy) for the bike ride that took us on an odd route past the cemetery, and through a field, and down a hill to ACME in inner SE.

At the HQ we were immediately handed a PBR to get the party started. Zach from the Mercury was to lead the ride – When we got to the field which was Colonel Summers Park, Zach jumped the curb with his bike. A moment of confusion for most of us followed, about whether we should jump the curb too. I made a lame attempt.

At Acme, us hungry bikers headed straight for the spread of party food – we were told there would be appetizers. Soon after sitting down with our food, we were told that wasn’t Mercury’s food but we took it from the Reunion party. Oops. we ate it anyhow.

Then the games began. Four to five to a table. 7 or 8 boggle games. Justin Sanders of the Mercury reading the rules. We played 4 rounds of Boggle. The four top scoring players moved to the final round to compete for a beautiful engraved boggle trophy & air guitar. Also Kudos to the Mercury for making very snazzy Boggle score cards.

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