Report: Framebuilding workshop

60+ eager bike lovers descended upon a non-descript garage door near 38th and Belmont to get a glimpse at the magic of framebuilding from Sacha White, master craftsman of Vanilla Bicycles. Their wait was rewarded with compelling, behind-the-scenes information and cold PBR and Hansens (Vanilla Cola flavor of course).

The crowds were thick so Sacha and Ben ferried crowds of 10-15 at a time through the tour.

Sacha explained the intricacies of turning cold, hard, steel tubing into smooth, gorgeous, functional bicycles that are truly custom. I think it’s great to know that in this day and age, there are still guys like Sacha…dedicated to his craft and good enough to do it full time (he’s got a 1 year backlog).

Check out my Vanilla Workshop Slide Show!

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