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Urban Ecology Ride: Winter Botanizing

Posted by on February 2nd, 2008 at 8:14 am

WHEN: February 3rd, 2008
WHERE: Meet at Ecotrust Building (NW 10th & Irving – in parking lot by
bike racks)
WHEN: 11am, expect to take 2-3 hours for the bike and hike.

WHAT TO BRING: A bike and a bike lock, rain gear, and water to drink. Easy to carry bike/back bags recommended. Remember that if you bring a pannier you’ll be hiking with it.

BIKE POLICY: We want you to come by bicycle. But be prepared to leave your bike at the natural area entrance. Almost all of these areas are closed to bicycle traffic. It’s a humbling reminder to us that prefer cycles that we too can cause big impacts in certain environments.

RSVP: Not necessary, just show up, but if you want to let us know you are coming do get in touch.

CONTACT: Eliza Lindsay, eliza@q7.com and Carye Bye, bikebat@gmail.com,

TEASER: Later in the season we’ll return for a longer hike amongst the spring blossoms and birds, winding our way to the Audubon Society.

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