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Naked ride protests St. Johns Bridge

Posted by on July 20th, 2005 at 1:47 pm

Last night a fun-loving group of Portland cyclists rode across the St. Johns Bridge sans clothing to make a statement about how vulnerable cyclists will be if ODOT (Oreg. Dept. of Transp.) goes throught with their non-bike-friendly bridge remodel plans.

Here’s a report of the ride:

The ride went off to rousing success. 14 free-spirited ciclonudistas took a lane on the St John’s Bridge and refused to be cowed by fossil-fueled, death machines.

The petition gathered some 20 signatures (a few peds sympathetic to our cause signed) and has been mailed to Stuart Foster at OTC. Sam Adams also has been CC’d.

This is just the start of the cycling community response to ODOT’s decision. The BTA is in full defense mode and Portland citizens concerned about safe walking, biking and living will not let this decision pass without a fight.

Go to the BTA’s website to see how you can help.

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