Europe embraces bike-based urban delivery with new cargo bike lobby group

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Cargo bike business owners in Cambridge,
England rub shoulders with political leaders
at an event over the weekend.
(Photo: European Cyclists Federation)

Portland has made lots of headlines in the past few years for our growing crop of cargo bike based businesses; but all the exciting momentum is coming from the grassroots and from individual entrepreneurs. Ironically, the most energy-efficient mode of urban freight delivery is being ignored by state and federal programs designed specifically to reduce emissions.

In Europe however — where a pervasive car culture doesn’t cloud political thinking quite as much as is does here in the states — leaders are moving forward with programs that support the development of a bike-based urban freight delivery industry. According to the European Cyclists Federation, over 30 companies from across Europe came together in Cambridge, England over the weekend to form a cargo bike lobby under the rubric of the “European Cycle Logistics Federation”. Their aim is to, “improve urban delivery and act as a lobby group to promote cycle based delivery solutions.”

This new cargo bike lobby is part of the larger Cycle Logistics effort that receives funding from the European Union’s Intelligent Energy program.

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