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Updated: Cars create (temporarily) carfree Last Thursday

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[Updated at 8:02pm on 6/30 — see end of story.]

Two cars created a carfree zone
on Alberta Thursday night.
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(Photo: Stephen Upchurch)

In a brilliantly ironic bit of activism, two strategically placed cars helped created a three-block stretch of carfree streets during last week’s Last Thursday event on Alberta Street.

The event was first reported by Stephen Upchurch, who shared what he saw on the Shift email list.
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Cops, clowns, and crowds at Last Thursday

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Alberta Last Thursday - July 07

Crowds gathered one last time at the
Alberta St. Clown House on NE 25th Ave.
(File photo)

This month’s Last Thursday on Alberta was notable for several reasons: the clowns, the cops, and the crowds.

First and foremost, it was the last month in a long run of action at the Alberta Street Clown House (they’re moving soon). By the time I left (just before sunset), the yard was already filling up and judging from these naked bike jousting photos on Dingo’s blog, it looks like they had a fitting send-off.
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Last Last Thursday at the Clown House

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Just a quick post (I’m in Oakridge right now at MTB Oregon!) to share my photos from Last Thursday on Alberta.

It was a great night out there. Don’t have time to share more, but hopefully the slideshow below will tell part of the story.
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Last Thursday at the Clown House

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This is their final month at the house on 24th and Alberta. Come one come all! Be a part of the fun or just see a show you’ll never forget!

A final Last Thursday for the Clown House

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Clown House bike wash

Dingo Dizmal, captain of
the Clown House.
(File photo)

Yes folks, it’s true. Tonight at Last Thursday on Alberta Street, the Clown House (at NE 24th and Alberta) will play host to hijinks and fun for the very last time.

Due to rents that have shot far beyond a clown’s wage, Dingo, Pinga, Chlorine, Will, and the rest of crew are looking for a new place to live. Ironically, they’ve been forced out of the neighborhood due to the gentrification that their presence helped hasten.

I’m sure wherever they end up, they’ll become the same bastion of busking, irreverence and silliness that they’ve become known for on Alberta.
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Congratulations Tiago and Adriane (updated)

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Newlyweds Tiago and Adriane led the bike parade in a chariot.
(File photo)
Full slideshow below

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Last Thursday back to fun as usual

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Last Thursday on Alberta

A winged devil jousting on a unicycle
wowed a packed crowd at the Clown House.
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(File photo)

Despite an increased police presence after last month’s unfortunate incident, Last Thursday on Alberta got back to business last night.

The street pulsed with energy and creativity from street performers, local art, and of course bikes and cyclists of every persuasion imaginable.
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Updated: Last Thursday fracas raises carfree question

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(*Editor’s note, 4/29): My initial report got some facts wrong. I have tried to clean things up and I’ve added in more details. I regret the errors.

A car-less moment on Alberta.
File photo: 7/27/06

I wasn’t there, but I just read the news on the Oregonian Blog that things got a little out of hand at Last Thursday on Alberta last night.

From the reports (which were confusing, so I apologize if my facts are not 100% correct), about 200 people had gathered at NE 24th and Alberta Street and were dancing in the streets at about 11:00 pm. When the cops showed up to check things out, they got sidetracked by a drunk fight at NE 18th. From here the details are sketchy, but they involve a handgun, a taser, allegedly thrown bottles at cops, and so on…
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The Clown House gears up for the season

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Where else can you see grown men dressed as clowns, racing around a mud pit on mini-bikes?
File photo: 4/26/06

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Bike scenes from Alberta Street

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Bike scenes from Last Thursday on Alberta

I’ve covered NE Alberta Street a lot on this site. That’s partly because it’s in my neck of the woods, but also because it’s just such an interesting street. It’s full of creative bike culture and has a vibe unlike anywhere else in the city.
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