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Congratulations Tiago and Adriane (updated)

Posted by on June 22nd, 2007 at 12:38 pm

Newlyweds Tiago and Adriane led the bike parade in a chariot.
(File photo)
Full slideshow below

Yesterday evening on the top of Mt. Tabor we celebrated the wedding of Tiago Denczuk (I wrote about his bike paintings last year) and Adriane Ackerman. After the ceremony, the newlyweds boarded a chariot pulled by Gabe’s tall-bike and led a bike parade procession through southeast Portland. I’m still working the photos for a slideshow (see below), but I wanted to share this one shot. I really think it captures something special.

I also thought it would be fun to show the two of them in action (not that kind of action). I think you’ll agree that they make quite an amazing pair!

Last Thursday on Alberta

Mrs. DeJerk
Mult. County Bike Fair!

Mr. DeJerk

Best wishes Tiago and Adriane. You are a beautiful couple in many ways and I will always remember being part of your wedding day (even if Dingo hadn’t unexpectedly asked me to make a toast!).

Here are more photos from the Bike Wedding Parade:

Created with Paul’s flickrSLiDR.

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josh m
josh m

Congrats, Tiago and Adriane. Wish you the best and wish I would have known!

Hawthorne Rider
Hawthorne Rider

so, Jonathan, does this mean you\’re starting a side business as a wedding photographer? 🙂

I was there
I was there

Nice photos that captured a fun wedding and ride! Big Congrats to A and T!!!


Congrats to T & A!


That is the sweetest thing ever, and those are some fantastic pictures, Jonathan! You should sell pictures of your best pictures from the year on Bike Portland, with the proceeds going to the site!

Pepto Dizmal

We needed a better looking bride (this one didn\’t even have a bike diaper on)and maybe a groom who isn\’t addicted to perscription, hamster\’s ear medication.

Dingo Dizmal

I like the part where we marched \”Ood\” disguised as the bride in front of a hundred people and they had no idea it wasn\’t her.
That was a major illusion for us to pull off.
It was also a huge day for riding, I rode to Tabor on the Bohemoth, pushed that thing (5 bikes worth of steel)up the volcano, did the wedding ceramony, rode in the parade, worked the reception at the Watershed (I found no water) and then rode all the way home and \”got it on\” clown style till the sun came up.WOW
C.J. and I have a really hot girlfriend now, we may marry her next year (if she survives)you better believe it will be a bike wedding.
I hear Solid Gold is having a bike wedding soon, also on MT.Tabor.

Jonathan Maus / BikePortland

hey Dingo,

I must say, you and Caffeine did a great job as emcees. … a brilliant mix of heartfelt sincerity and skillful buffoonery.

And Will Workforf Ood was at his best as the impostor bride and stairway stuntman!

Will Ood

Are you folks hitting on me?.

You know I am still dress shopping for the next clown wedding..

Any How- what i remember the best is the tree that canopied the ceremony.. ya see- I stopped listening to the Rev. Caffeine for a second and i tried to hear the volcano. Instead, in my distracted and over-dressed state, I saw where two tree branches had grown apart and then together again seamlessly. At that point sort of overwhelmed by the sentiment of it all Craptain Insano [de old rabbitto] wrapped himself around me and began singing in my ear; slobbering and sweaty. I endured it for about five minutes which is perhaps my greatest stunt yet.

When\’s the next wedding love birds?


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