Kerr Bikes debuts a free, DIY fix-it station in Waterfront Park

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

At Kerr Bikes, you’re free to
use their bike stand and tools.
(Photo: Kerr Bikes)

Bike rental company Kerr Bikes in Waterfront Park (just north of Hawthorne Bridge) now offers a “U-Fix-It Bike Station.”

Director of the Kerr Bikes, Craig Rusch, says anyone who stops by during business hours will now have free access to a nice selection of bike tools, an air pump, a wheel-truing stand, and a work stand. The U-Fix-It Bike Station is just a few weeks old and is currently open seven days a week; 11am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-8pm on the weekends.

Kerr Bikes is a full-service bike rental business, offering everything from tandems to four-wheeled surreys. The company is owned and operated by the non-profit Albertina Kerr Centers, a Portland-based group that supports kids and families with mental health issues and developmental disabilities.

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