Leah Treat appoints Greg Jones to PBOT deputy director position

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“She found someone she felt she could trust with day-to-day operation of the bureau and could have authority to act in her absence when she’s away. Greg knows this place from top to bottom like no one else.”
— Dylan Rivera, PBOT Communications Manager.

Six months after taking the helm of Portland’s transportation bureau, Director Leah Treat has appointed an agency veteran to take over several major responsibilities. Greg Jones, a planning and project management veteran who has worked for the City of Portland since 1980 is now the deputy director of PBOT. Treat made the appointment official earlier this month.

This is the first time PBOT has had a deputy director since it was formed in 1983. PBOT Communications Manager Dylan Rivera said via a telephone interview yesterday that the move is an acknowledgment of the immense task of managing “one of the largest and most complex bureaus in the City.” PBOT has over 700 employees and a $275 million (or so) annual budget that completes a diverse range of projects from a dizzying array of funding sources.

Back in November, Treat told The Oregonian that leading PBOT is a “big job” and that she’s “only one person.”

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