JetBlue responds; folded bikes can now fly free

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“Our bicycle policy has now been updated to reflect that customers traveling with a folding bikes in a bag that fits within the standard checked bag weights and dimensions will not be charged the Bike fee and will be treated like any checked bag.”
— Morgan Johnston, manager of corporate communications for JetBlue

Yesterday we shared the story of Carl Larson, a BTA staffer who was irked when he was charged a $50 fee by JetBlue airlines simply because he had a foldable bike in a piece of luggage.

The story traveled around the web and was noticed yesterday evening by someone at JetBlue. Then, a few minutes ago I got a response via email from Morgan Johnston, JetBlue’s manager of corporate communications:

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention. We pride ourselves on our customer service and when we’re faced with a situation where policy doesn’t make sense in practice, we’re always ready to correct or clarify. On reading your article, and Carl’s post on I reached out to our Airports team to address the policy which lacked the definition needed to accommodate situations ‘outside the norm’ such as customers traveling with folding bikes.[Read more…]

BTA staffer wants to change JetBlue’s bike baggage policy

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Folding bikes, like this Bike Friday Tikit,
fit easily into standard-sized luggage.
(Photo © J. Maus)

A staffer at Oregon’s largest bicycle advocacy organization wants budget airline JetBlue to change their baggage policy.

In a story published on the BTA blog yesterday, Carl Larson described what happened when he tried to check a box for his flight from JFK to Portland:[Read more…]