Shannon Johnson (Family Biking Columnist)

Shannon Johnson (Family Biking Columnist)

Shannon is a 36-year-old mom of  five who lives in downtown Hillsboro. Her column appears weekly. Contact her via

Stories by Shannon Johnson (Family Biking Columnist)

Enjoying summer’s carfree festivals — on our new bike!

Aren’t you loving these carfree summertime streets? We recently enjoyed Hillsboro’s La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival. Downtown Hillsboro’s main streets were closed to cars for the occasion, and instead filled with vendors, food trucks, children’s activities, artwork (including chalk art being created by professional artists), and even our personal favorite: Opera. Portland’s Opera … Read more

Making new family biking traditions

I love family traditions: shared annual activities and ritual ways of marking the holidays. There is something soothing about the repetition of the seasons and their celebrations. Children especially look forward to these cyclical festivities.  As we grow together, we continue to build our repertoire of family feast days and bolster our favorite celebrations with … Read more