Stop Asian Hate Solidarity Ride planned for Saturday April 3rd

Image Description (ID): Main maroon color title reads, “Stop Asian Hate Solidarity Ride.” Subtitle maroon color reads, “Saturday, April 3rd / Laurelhurst Park / 5pm meet / 5:30pm ride / ~6.5mi / No Drop.” Grey color subtitle text reads, “This ride is meant for communities of color, centering Asian cyclists.” Image of orange grainy/printed circle on top of a yellow/light mustard background. Centered is a sketch image of an Asian femme cyclist with medium black hair, red longsleeve, orange pants & laced brown boots. They are riding a gray/blue bike with a brown basket that is holding an assortment of white, yellow & pink flowers with spattered greenery.
Art by @jjbccm

Just announced for next Saturday: The Stop Asian Hate Solidarity Ride, supported by the fledgling group, BikePOCPNW. Below is the description they’ve shared on Instagram:

The murders in Atlanta have disturbingly shown a light on anti-Asian sentiments, xenophobia, misogyny, & fetisization of Asian women. We need to tear this hate down.

Shred the “model minority myth” & ride alongside the Asian community as we create intentional space in solidarity.

Who can attend: This ride is meant for communities of color, centering Asian cyclists. White folks/accomplices are supporting us by offering corking/security. (Note: Corking is a tactic to block traffic at intersections to allow the cycling group to get through all together.)

For our non-POC supporters: You can donate funds to the Oregon Chinese Coalition, Chinese American Citizens Alliance in tandem with Clay Street Table who run an Asian Pantry in Portland that purchases, delivers & distributes culturally-specific groceries to our Chinese, Korean & Vietnamese elders & families.

Details: Ride is Saturday, April 3rd. Meet at Laurelhurst Park (SE 35th and Oak) at 5:00 pm. No-drop, 6.5 mile loop with one hill. Details on Instagram and BikePortland Calendar.

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Susan Rosenthal
Susan Rosenthal
2 years ago

What is meant by the term “corking”?

2 years ago

It’s a term to refer to blocking intersections to ensure the safe movement of a whole group through an intersection so they don’t get broken up by traffic signals and offer protection from vehicles.