Here’s what you’ll find at the 15th annual BikeCraft fair this weekend

Come on in from the cold!
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Our friend Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie has stepped up to organize BikeCraft this year. With the big event coming up this weekend, I asked him to send over mini profiles of the vendors and a bit about what to expect.

Take it away Joe!

BikeCraft 2019 is set for November 30th and December 1st (a bit earlier this year to be closer to peak shopping season) at the DoubleTree Hilton in the Lloyd. This is the first BikeCraft to be held at the DoubleTree, a venue that’s much larger and cozier than years past.

The bike-centric holiday gift bazaar showcases makers of all types gather to share their arts, crafts, books, accessories, apparel, and other interesting creations. Here’s a list of current vendors…

Double Darn

Misia Pitkin is back with her vast selection of perfectly crafted summer and winter cycling caps. From your classic wool plaid with a built-in ear warmer to cotton fabric in solid colors and patterns from polka dots to donuts, you’ll find a cap to suit your needs and style.

Portland Pogies

Everywhere Elly Blue goes all winter long, people stop and ask her first, “What are those?” and second, “Where can I get some?” They’re talking about her pogies, which look like giant oven mitts, attach to the handlebars, and allow for a perfect ride all winter long with warm, dry hands, and often with only light gloves or no gloves at all—but never, ever wet gloves, for which you will be eternally grateful. Lauren Gross first encountered these magical devices in China. She looked for them when she got back to the US, and finding nothing comparable, dove in.


Gigi’s Handywork

Gigi Lascurettes is back with her amazing “helmuffs!” They’re like mittens for your ears. Slip them over your helmet straps; they stay attached with a touch of velcro, and are perfectly positioned to give your ears an extra layer of coziness, or block the wind on days when it’s not quite warm enough for a thicker hat. A pair is an essential part of winter bike clothes layering system. Gigi will also be selling cozy gloves!

Orquidia Violeta

Orchid Velasquez makes colorful, whimsical, amazing warm-weather ponchos for kids with multilayered bicycle designs. Everything is one-of-a-kind and your kids look stinking adorable (as well as warm and it’s impossible to lose sight of) running around on their pushbikes with these on.

Hippy Thread
Anne Williams is back with her perfect-fitting, brightly patterned waterproof bike seat covers. And this year she says she’ll also be bringing handmade leather saddlebags— which everyone can’t wait to see!

Black Star Bags

With their waterproof messenger bags, backpacks, wallets, top tube cozies, and little bags of different shapes to hold anything you can imagine. Check out their custom work and start dreaming your biggest dreams.

Broiler Gear

New on the scene this year from Philomath, Oregon, Broiler Gear’s fabrics are amazing, and they clearly design with messengers and other busy folks in mind.

Jack Supply Co.

Another first-time BikeCrafter, their bags look sharp and appear to be geared towards bike touring.

Pedal Brites

People get obsessed with Shannon Long’s reflective flower garlands. By day they just look like festive plastic flowers, and they glow at night under any light. Perfect to bedeck your front basket, your cargo bike, or yourself. She also has bouttonnieres, and other reflective flair for your classiest visibility needs. Buy raffle tickets for a chance to win an ankle corsage (aka floral pants leg strap!).

Clodine Crafts

Clodine uses Pendleton wool scraps to create attractive and distinctive bike accessories, from bags to key fobs.

Laura TK

Laura TK makes bike tube feather earrings and other jewelry beautiful and delicately crafted that you would be hard-pressed to guess their humble origins. Adornment art at it’s best and utilitarian.

Velo Gioielli

VG crafts huge stained glass windows and obelisks made from chainrings, tiny spoke bracelets, and many delightful goods in-between. A BikeCraft success story, he got his start at the 2009 event and is now a full-time artist and gallery operator.

Biciclista US

Smart designs and well-made bike jerseys, plus their trademark bike dress! Come see the latest styles.

Bicycle Kitty

Maria Schur is back with her cushy, waterproof “Bum Ease” pillows perfect for when you stop for a snack on your long ride and don’t want to sit on the ground.

BikeCraft newcomer Mark makes totally wild, ornate, 100% unique wall art and plant hangers out of bike parts. Gotta see these in person!

Cnoc Outdoors

A unique local business that makes outdoor gear that solves problems most people take for granted. They’ll be at BikeCraft showing off their Vecto lightweight, gravity-powered water filtration system that looks like a potential game changer for bikepackers.

Marian Chulos will be selling her compact first aid kits for long distance riders, plus handmade hats and scarves.

Urban Adventure League

Shawn Granton will be on the scene with his zines, patches, and other goods inspired by bicycle travel, camping, tweed, and steel.

Microcosm Publishing

Microcosm will have bikey books, zines, stickers, patches, t-shirts, and sweatshirts!

Sketchy Trails

Kristina Wayte’s gorgeous illustrations are inspired by mountain biking. It’s amazing and original and she puts it on posters, clothing and other mix media adornments.


Neal Spinler is a first-time BikeCraft vendor, bringing his PhotoTrike to the show — that’s right, a tricycle-powered photobooth “In a drunken conversation at my wedding, this wacky idea was born.” Get digital and printed photostrips of you and your friends — two matching photostrips for $5. Optional costumery provided by the Sprockettes.

Bike Friday
See the latest Bike Friday models and a few holiday surpises.

Street Books

Street Books is Portland’s tricycle-powered street library will be on hand at the event to share their mission, their love of books, and opportunities to get involved.

The Sprockettes

They’ll be doing their 2nd-to-last show at 4pm on Sunday—and they’re also tabling all weekend. It’s one of your last chances to get yourself an iconic pink and black t-shirt and other mementos of a defining era of our city’s bicycle history! Borrow a wig for the photobooth and give a Sprockette a high five and thank them for helping make this place really special.

WashCo Bikes
One of our event sponsors will have books by the director, Joe Metal Cowboy Kurmaskie, giveaways of helmets, lights, a bike raffle, information and educational materials for riding in Washington County and art created by kids from their camp programs.

We are having a raffle! There will be 3 drawings each day, at 1:30, 3:30, and 4:30pm. Tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, and 15 for $20. Must be present to win; prizes get bigger as the weekend goes on, culminating with a bicycle donated by our sponsor WashCo Bikes.

Bikecraft is always a great time with good people and an excellent excuse to come in from the cold and socialize with other bike lovers. Since the beginning, this event has been a testament to the rich and varied bike culture that exists in Portland.

Don’t miss this Portland tradition. Hope to see a lot of BikePortland readers there!

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Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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Ted Buehler
Ted Buehler
4 years ago

Also note:

BikeCraft is a party

It’s one of the best a “See and Be Seen” events in the bicycle community calendar in Portland.

Plan on extra time, because you’ll see old friends and make new ones.

Ted Buehler

Johnny Bye Carter
Johnny Bye Carter
4 years ago

Got there right at noon on Saturday and that was too early because some vendors were still setting up, thus we didn’t get to see everybody listed above.

What we did see was fabulous. Lots of crafty goodness, from decorative to useful.

Next time I’ll arrive in the middle.