BikeCraft vendor spotlights: Velo Gioielli, Orquidia Violeta, White Noyes Crafts

Welcome to the final installment of our 2018 BikeCraft vendor spotlights, brought to you by our friend Elly Blue from Microcosm Publishing. The big event is this weekend, and if you’ve been following along you know that organizers have put together something special. They’ve got a new, larger space (Taborspace!), great vendors — many of whom you won’t find anywhere else, and lots of merry surprises in store. I look forward to seeing you there! – Jonathan

Take it away Elly…

Velo Gioielli – Etsy shop

Brian Echerer is one of the masterminds behind BikeCraft’s recent reboot. Somehow in between running around securing our venue and cajoling food trucks to come feed us delicious tacos and grilled cheese, he’s been hard at work crafting more of his gorgeous art, combining spokes and chainrings with gems and stained glass into intricate masterworks. Be sure to ask him about his obelisk.

What are you bringing to BikeCraft? What’s the most important thing people should know about it?
Bike art and spoke bracelets, the things every cyclist needs. The most important thing to know is by supporting BikeCraft you are supporting amazing local people.

Tell us about yourself—what events in your life led you to be doing this bikey craft?
I have a passion for road cycling and love watching the grand tours on TV. Nothin better in my life than having a stage on the tv while I am working on bike art at the same time. I just love bikes.

What’s your favorite BikeCraft memory?
So I was out of work and I had been making spoke bracelets for my cycling club. I saw the BikeCraft event call for makers in 2009 and signed up. My mother and I got to work making all sorts of bikey jewelry trinkets and that was the start of Velo Gioielli. BikeCraft was the start of it all and that first one was the best memory.


Orquidia Violeta – Website

Adorable, bike-friendly and bike-themed clothes for kiddos — I totally fell in love with Orchid’s designs at last year’s event and spent half of Saturday texting with my sister to figure out my nephew’s size and style preferences. Also, I would totally wear one of these cozy ponchos in an adult size, just saying.

What are you bringing to BikeCraft? What’s the most important thing people should know about it?
I’m bringing fun kids clothes! Colorful wearable artwork sewn in Portland by me, using salvaged materials collected by bike. This year I made push-bike ponchos. They fit 2-5 year olds and are made from cozy wool and fleece. They have bright hoods and reflective bits, and an appliquéd pocket for treasure!

Tell us about yourself—what events in your life led you to be doing this bikey craft?
I’m a Salvadoran-American textile artist and I sew one-of-a-kind pieces that I sell around town. I operate my business entirely by bike, so kids clothes are easy to transport. I prefer selling to customers directly, like at BikeCraft. Connecting personally, I can help select the perfect gift. I love to watch my artwork go off into the world toward unknown adventure!

What’s your favorite BikeCraft memory?
BikeCraft is a fun sale with great vendors and customers. But it’s extra awesome that everyone arrives on two wheels. At most craft sales, I am the only vendor cycling, but at BikeCraft we have that shared experience. Portlanders are working hard to make the city more bikeable for citizens of all ages and colors. I appreciate that every day, and try to reciprocate through my craft and through this sale!

White Noyes Crafts
We met Julie Noyes at last year’s BikeCraft, where she was one of the first to sign up to vend this year. She’ll be debuting her bikey handknits at the fair — they’re so new, there aren’t any photos yet!

What are you bringing to BikeCraft?
I am bringing my hand knit items; hats and fingerless gloves. Also some handmade bikey ornaments and handmade books.

Tell us about yourself—what events in your life led you to be doing this bikey craft?
I have always been an artist, but about two years ago, my friend gave me a knitting lesson and I’ve been grinding out product ever since. I moved here from Vermont, so having a warm but lightweight hat is a necessity. I wanted to create something that bike commuters could fit under their helmets (please wear your helmet) and stay warm.

What are you most excited about at the event?
I am excited about getting my gear out there, and also contributing to a “warm” holiday season.

Learn more about BikeCraft at the official website.

— Elly Blue/Microcosm Publishing

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