Ted’s Video Roundup, Special Gift Edition

This is my Gift Guide Video Roundup! Sure, it’s getting to be late for Christmas, but many of these videos were recently posted. I’m still a few dozen entries behind on videos for the Weekly Roundup, but I came across these that made sense to post together. I’m starting with GCN’s gift list (above). Enjoy!

GMBN’s mountain bike gifts:

BikeRadar’s roundup of 19 gifts for mountain bikers:

And BikeRadar also has a list for road bikers:


While Ray doesn’t say “gift” in the title, this is a list of great bike gadget gifts:

KymNonStop did a “Fit Girls Gift Guide”. There are some good bits for other genders, and there are some charities in the video summary too.

I covered it previously, but Russ at Path Less Pedaled put up two entries:

And the second one:

That’s it- have a great Christmas (or holidays of your choosing).

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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