Weekly Video Roundup: bike lock picking, winter prep, Tom Ritchey, and more

Welcome to the weekly video roundup!

I made sure to get a ride in on Wednesday before the crazy weather started. Now I’m mostly hunkering down with the cats. It’s clear the weather has started to turn. River City Bikes did a video about “winter-proofing” your bike last year, and it’s a good time to show it again. (Also: Russ of PLP shows a zillion ways to wear a Buff and gives good glove strategies)

Okay, enough winter. Warm up by watching this vid about cycling in Klamath from PLP:

It’s warm and sunny in Los Angeles, which is where this week’s Brumotti is at. Love this guy.

I had no idea Seattle was doing something similar to a crossbike for a bike path. Note some ramping that slows the vehicles down.

Have you ever cycled a ‘century’? Riding 100 miles in a day is a great accomplishment. If you’ve never done one it is a nice aspirational goal. Training certainly helps, as does a bike computer (sorry, Adam).

This is a funny vid about faux pas for trail riders. Does anyone ride with people in the video?

This ad for Cycliq’s bike cams is funny.

This is a 3 minute compilation of a UCI BMX Freestyle competition. It’s 3 minutes of great jumps and tricks and whatever the kids call it these days.


Hood River, trails, “the road scene is better here than people realize”

Dutch-style bike locks basically clamp the rear wheel to the frame. You can still carry the bike away, but they are especially effective on heavy bikes or fiets. Some of the locks are very easy to pick. (and another picking; thanks to RA for these)

Tom Ritchey (and his moustache) is in this CyclingTips video, which is supposed to be a timed ‘elevator pitch’ to sell their new products. There are perhaps two dozen videos, but this one is great because.. Tom Ritchey. He had to be prompted to actually do the marketing spiel in the last 30 seconds. (another one was Otto Locks, the ribbon-style lock on Kickstarter that has been covered here)

Vox, home of the explainers, shows the Barcelona ‘pedestrian superblock’ solution to give space back to people. It might be a good video to send to friends who don’t understand things like Better Naito.

I love watching Mike Cotty’s Col Collective soooo much. He’s above Venice on the Monte Grappa. which is home to the remains of over 12,000 soldiers.

Here’s a preview of NACCC (“the Olympics for couriers”) in NYC:

Factory tours are fun. This one is of CycleOps production at Saris in Wisconsin: (as someone said later, the video is unsarisfactory due to the lack of puns)

Keith Bontrager is a smart dude, I’ve featured him before. This is a great video where he talks about… well, smart bikey stuff.

Looking for an inexpensive mountain bike? One of the people who did a “ride a Walmart bike on gnarly roads” video gave a legit recommendation here. The idea of avoiding suspension seems wise at that price point.

Here’s a short trailer for a post-WW2 race between the two halves of Germany.

The “Dutch Reach”, a way for drivers to reduce dooring, has been popularized in the past few weeks (I like that several people assumed it was NSFW). Honestly, I don’t think this is the solution, I’m still going to ride outside of the door zone.

Next time I’m in France, I want to ride this. Look at that knife edge! Looks like a fun ride.


There’s a pile of great videos from local cross racing- here we go:

GP Brad Ross, Oct 1 at Heiser Farm:

GP Brad Ross, Oct 1 at Heiser Farm: (yes, another one at that race)

Cross Crusade #1, Oct 8 at Alpenrose:

Cross Crusade #1, Oct 8th and 9th at Alpenrose:

This is from the Red Hook Milano crit. It’s basically five minutes of beautiful editing, including slo-mo.

Local WTF moments

Bikeportland commenter Merle posted a video of confused drivers at the new Tillamook/Interstate/Broadway area. (also: textbook example of a driver not stopping at a crosswalk)

Elsewhere: scooter pulling out in front of cyclist (“you passed the test, didn’t you?) and amazingly oblivious driver on his phone.

Honorable Mentions

This week’s honorable mentions: new electronic gadgets at Interbike, DCRainmaker’s review of the GoPro Karma drone, wooden recumbent electric bike (all four of those words are fun..), great trials riding, GMBN’s tips for riding Vancouver’s North Shore, mountain bikers have discovered velodrome-style corners, L’Eroica preview in Tuscany (Strade Bianche), Jeremy Powers’ cross bike, queue jumping for buses in Seattle, an obsessive way of getting perfectly straight bars, and dreamy video from a big Rapha ride in Australia.

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I prefer videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. I will delay videos containing pro racing spoilers by 7 days.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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ben milstein
ben milstein
7 years ago
Eric Leifsdad
Eric Leifsdad
7 years ago

Raised green crossing with right-of-way is nothing like our meaningless useless “crossbikes” except that it’s next to a crosswalk.

Clark in Vancouver
Clark in Vancouver
7 years ago

Don’t let this video turn you off of frame locks. While the cheap ones are pickable, the high end ones are really good to use as a second lock. Use a U-lock to lock your frame and front wheel to a rack like normal but then engage your wheel lock for the back wheel. It’s good to deter thieves since they won’t even get started on your bike because of the two locks on it. You could just use a second U-lock but these are way more convenient.

7 years ago

Only Americans spend five grand on an ultralight bike then carry 20 pounds worth of locks around with them to keep it from being stolen.