Nothing changes with police abuse

I spent most of the day filling 2 dumpsters with trash that homeless people had collected and put in bags along the SpringWater Corridor. It’s an amazing community that is safe and mostly not even seen from the bike path.

Amanda Fritz and her park rangers continue to violate their oath and put a variety of restraints ( exclusions, citations, written warnings) on the peaceful assembly protected by the Oregon Constitution. Cops did this to bikes for a long time:

Everything I observed in my court case ( URL above ) was made more obvious to me at the time because I was teaching at Jefferson High. My African American students would constantly tell me about being abused by cops for being black. I did not want to write that then, but I will say it loudly now that #BlackLivesMatter and the cycling community should be more supportive.

When the city Sit Lie Ordinance was tossed out for the 5th time by the courts I took my very young daughter to read the Oregon Constitution to Amanda Fritz and Sam Adams.

Please stay tuned to the Bike Portland Subscriber pages so that cyclists can show more solidarity with the movements of #blackLivesMatter and not evicting the residents of the SpringWater corridor

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I'm here from the future to beg you all to go speak in person to your lawmakers.

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