BTA deputy director will leave organization at the end of this week

Stephanie Noll.(Photo: BTA)
Stephanie Noll
(Photo: Tanja Olson Images)

Stephanie Noll plans to leave the staff of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance this Friday.

Noll is the organization’s No. 2 employee and has been on the staff since 2007, longer than all but one other employee. She began her tenure as part of what was then a fairly new Safe Routes to School team and is currently serving as the BTA’s deputy director.

Noll’s departure comes a few weeks before the BTA announces a new name at its Aug. 10 members meeting that will mark a new, broader focus on walking and mass transit as well as bike transportation.

“Steph has had an amazing impact on the BTA,” Executive Director Rob Sadowsky said in an interview today. “She has expanded our support base with foundations, allowing us to expand our staff. She launched our Women Bike program, took the Bike More Challenge and Vision Zero to new levels and helped launch Families for Safe Streets.” Sadowsky added that the BTA will evaluate all staffing needs after their strategic planning reboot and big fundraising event in the fall.

Here’s the email Noll sent out to friends and colleagues this morning:


Dear Friends,

At the end of this week, I’m leaving the staff of the BTA.

It has truly been a joy to work alongside the passionate, hard-working staff (past and present!) of this organization.

I also am grateful to have gotten the chance to work with and learn from all of you. Thank you so much for your dedication to a better future for our communities and for your leadership, partnership, advocacy, volunteerism, support, and mentorship.

I am excited about what’s ahead for the BTA, and about being a part of that work from a different vantage point, as an engaged member and volunteer.

In the near term, I’m particularly excited to see the BTA and other partners build on the recent success of the For Every Kid Coalition by launching a campaign for Safe Routes to School For Every Kid statewide: work that is near and dear to my heart. You can provide crucial support for the great team at the BTA to keep doing that work by donating at

I hope to see many of you at the BTA Member meeting August 10th. I’ll be there to raise a glass to the future and to the awesome staff, volunteers, partners, and supporters boldly reimagining our streets to better serve the people that use them.

In gratitude!

Reached today via email Noll said she plans to continue working in the community as a volunteer for the grassroots group Oregon/SW Washington Families for Safe Streets and other related causes. She didn’t outline any future career plans but did say her immediate plan is, “To spend some quality time with my kids in the month before they start kindergarten.” Noll had already been working four days a week since her twin boys were born.

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Lillian Karabaic
5 years ago

I had the pleasure of working with Steph when I worked at the BTA back in ’07-09 on both Bike Commute Challenge and Safe Routes to School. She’s a class act, a hard worker, and I know she’ll go on to do more awesome things. She’s had a long run at the BTA, and I look forward to seeing what’s next!

Jessica Roberts
5 years ago

Big news. Steph, we’re going to miss you. You’ve been a great leader, and the heart and soul of the BTA. Best of luck in the next phase of your career.

5 years ago

Do all these people jumping ship before the BTA merger announcement know something we don’t?

Scott H
Scott H
5 years ago
Reply to  Adam

The ones jumping ship have figured out that the remaining few are just going to be putting lipstick on a pig.

Michael Andersen (Contributor)
Reply to  Adam

Carl Larson’s advocacy position was eliminated, so he left as a layoff. Anne Lee came in as operations director last year. Other than that I feel like the staff’s actually been relatively stable for a couple years. Are you thinking of others?

Ted Buehler
Ted Buehler
5 years ago

Thanks to Stephanie for her work making Oregon a better place for bicycles. Best wishes to the BTA for finding suitable replacements for she and Carl Larson.

Ted Buehler

Kath Youell
5 years ago

Is it just me or does the last sentence leave anyone else feeling like we’re supposed to assume this is because she’s leaving for Mommy Reasons? The rest of the piece didn’t make me feel that way. It’s just… weird.

Kristi Finney-Dunn
5 years ago

I wish Steph the very best in her future endeavors and am so grateful for her support and the knowledge and expertise she brings to Oregon and SW Washington Families For Safe Streets; so glad she is sticking around for us!
Love you, Steph!

Scott Mizée
Scott Mizée
5 years ago

Congrats on a long and successful tenure at the BTA, Steph! Enjoy your time with the boys!

Aaron Brown
5 years ago

Steph is a goddamned hero that has done so much tremendous work for the BTA.

Sarah Angell
Sarah Angell
5 years ago

Thank you Steph, for all the energetic advocacy, intelligence and tenacity you brought to the BTA. Your hard work created a broad wake that many of us gratefully pedaled behind in– now it’s your turn for a respite! Best of luck in your next chapter!