Seeking Bike Oriented Designers and Tradesmen

In addition to owning The Bike Concierge, I have also taken on the position of project manager for First City Central Marketplace & Bistro. Located in Oregon City in the historic train depot at the Amtrak stop, FCCM&B is a bike themed and cylist oriented bistro and tourism center. After a long period of planning and negotiations, we are ready to start the build out and tenant improvements, and would like to hire from the local cycling community as much as possible.

What we need:

Graphic and web designer(s). This is a priority, we need a logo and a website ASAP.

Interior designer. We have a limited amount of space to work with and a lot we want to do with it. It would be really great if you have a background that includes commercial kitchens and small restaurant spaces.

Plumbers and electricians. Must be licensed and bonded, experience with commercial kitchens a plus.

Interested parties please contact Thom Batty, 503-314-6095

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8 years ago

shouldn’t this be a paid job listing? this post seems to be bypassing the system so you don’t have to pay $50…

I will now be wondering what other businesses you’re violating the rules of in your daily business dealings…