BikePortland’s December podcast: The 2013 question show

What’s the latest on the Sellwood Gap? What are the rules for using a pedestrian signal as your ticket to cross the street on the other? And how do you make a tallbike in Grand Theft Auto?

Jonathan, Lily and I sat down this month for a new holiday-season tradition at BikePortland: answering as many listener questions as we possibly could — all of them somehow related to the year that was — in 25 minutes.

We had a blast, and we think you’ll enjoy it, too.

As you’ll be able to tell right away, this was also our first month recording at Sprocket Studios, and the great audio quality shows it. Thanks to all the folks who submitted questions … if we didn’t make it to yours, wish us luck for next year.

[A note from the publisher: I regret not being able to address several questions either due to time limitations or editing reasons. I plan to address more of them in the coming days and weeks. Thanks again — Jonathan (from California)]

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9 years ago

I’m question number two. Podium!

9 years ago

Just got to this now. Thanks for addressing my question.